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KZ-Rush Spring Cup #1 Stage #3 Registration + Offline tournament #15

Posted by Kpoluk 14 May in 14:31
Today we are finishish Offline Tournament #15 and at the same time opening registration for KZ-Rush Spring Cup #1 Stage #3. Cup will be held on Sunday (May, 17), at 19:00 by Moscow time (UTC+3). If more than 16 players come, we create second group, which play right after first group finishes all maps. To participate write "I'm in" or + here in comments.

Cup gameplay:

  • Each map is played once.
  • After map change you will see menu where you should confirm that you are ready. As soon as everyone is ready, cup admin initiates start. You don't need to press start button, but you have to press the finish (unless maximum time has expired).
  • There are hidden checkpoints placed all over the map. If maximum map time is over and you haven't reached the finish, server will suppose that you passed the map with maximum time plus some addition, based on number of remaining checkpoints. If more than one player have the same last checkpoint, server will take in consideration the order of reaching it.
  • If you die then you will be teleported somewhere at the middle of your path (number of last checkpoint is divided by two).
  • Passing time will be automatically turned into points just like on main servers (article about points system). Points on maps (and on cups) are summed. At the end of the season players will take prizes.
Maps and maximum times of third stage:

bkz_toonworld (4 minutes)
av_degyptianez (4 minutes)
bkz_lostbase (7 minutes)
kz_man_temple (8 minutes)
mls_sandbhop (3 minutes)
kz_kzro_roscbhop (4 minutes)
kz_boulder_b01 (7 minutes)
ftw_fastbhop (4 minutes)

Note: Pudge was disqualified from Cup because of his words in voice chat during the game. We've lost both twitch streams cause of it, so cup server will be voice muted from now.

Note2: there is a dead end if you duck in this place on bkz_lostbase: screenshot

Play groups:

Group 1:

Group 2:
Seems like we won't have to create second group. If some players won't be able to join first group cause of XJ Cup, we can play some maps again

And here are results of Offline Tournament:

1 place - MEEL (60 Exp) 500 rubles, already has VIP4
2 place - rasit (29 Exp) 300 rubles, 4 weeks of VIP1
3 place - Creep (28 Exp) 200 rubles, already has VIP4
4 place - GoodBeetle (27 Exp) 4 weeks of VIP1
5 place - Izgoy (26 Exp) 4 weeks of VIP1
6 place - MaVo^ (25 Exp) 4 weeks of VIP1
7 place - Dolphin (24 Exp) +1 week of VIP3
8 place - trololo (23 Exp) already has VIP4
9 place - MEfro (22 Exp) 4 weeks of VIP1
10 place - marc0z (21 Exp) 4 weeks of VIP1
11 place - Kris (20 Exp) 4 weeks of VIP1
12 place - hymm4sssS (19 Exp) 4 weeks of VIP1
13 place - Kpoluk (18 Exp) +2 weeks of VIP2
14 place - cstrike (17 Exp) 4 weeks of VIP1
15 place - popojopik (16 Exp) 4 weeks of VIP1

If anyone from participants wants to exchange 4 weeks of VIP1 for 2 weeks of VIP2 or 1 week of VIP3, write about it in comments section.


MEEL done in 04:00.08 WR! 1 place 60 Exp
rasit done in 04:01.04 2 place 29 Exp
Creep done in 04:08.14 3 place 28 Exp
GoodBeetle done in 04:31.02 4 place 27 Exp
Izgoy done in 04:54.18 5 place 26 Exp
MaVo^ done in 05:13.08 6 place 25 Exp
Dolphin done in 05:22.11 7 place 24 Exp
trololo done in 05:26.68 8 place 23 Exp
MEfro done in 05:38.15 9 place 22 Exp
marc0z done in 05:43.77 10 place 21 Exp
Kris done in 06:02.74 11 place 20 Exp
hymm4sssS done in 06:12.37 12 place 19 Exp
Kpoluk done in 07:36.99 13 place 18 Exp
cstrike done in 08:39.19 14 place 17 Exp
popojopik done in 11:05.85 15 place 16 Exp
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