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KZ-Rush Spring Cup #1 Stage #3

Posted by lxr 17 May in 15:29
Another stage of our Spring cup was finished yesterday and we are ready to publish results. Overall, there were fewer people this time. By the way Twitch stream was performed by Kpoluk, Youtube stream was provided by lxr and there was another one person who helped us a lot - Saverona :) As in previous cup there was some problems with lags, but i think in next cup we will have plan B to fix problems as fast as possible.

Music playlist has been provided by TRENTCANTRELLE aka Alex Helder (Soundcloud, Spotify) and we're grateful for that. By the way, some songs are written by him. List of all songs is under spoiler.
Alex Helder - Mind of Fire (Original Mix) [EDM]
Alex Helder - Baby In Wonderland (Original Mix)
Hydral - Your Eyes Original Mix
Firevibe - On My Mind Original Mix
Alex Helder - God Of War
Hurshel - Uncharted
DNVX - Someone Else
Alex Helder - Shiron
DNVX - Whisky
Kyrne - Hypnotize
Jvckin - Smacker
Zedy, PTSZ - Want
Despotem, Fluxc - Young Hearted
Alex Helder - Death Stranding
OIÜ - Revolt
Tomline - Bridge
Alex Helder - Island Of Miracles
Miles Away, Casper - Pavlov
Blaver, LaMeduza - Crawl Back
MU - Falling Down
Sefa Taskin, MXVH - Down
G.P.R Beat - Katana
Alex Helder - Internal
Alex Helder - Toxicated (Original Mix)
RAMSSEY - Comin' Back
Alltair & DaWave - Walk Away
Doozy, Asylum - Genesis
Maduk feat. Veela - Ghost Assassin VIP
Fluidity - Girl You Know
Krypta - Voodoo
PRSPKTV - Run To You
Alex Helder - Future Bang
SWACQ - Badabi
KRANE & Jupe - High Dive
KRANE - Onward
Zhu - Faded (Delta Heavy Bootleg)
Dewian Gross - Free To Go
Shuba - Children
anywan, Mystic - Feel It
Alex Helder - Among The Sleep
Wanna Wake - Freezing Over (ft. Cape Lion)
Alex Helder - Yakuza Girls (Original Mix)
Dntless ft. Nadya Sumarsono - For You
Despotem & Fluxc - Leave It All Behind (ft. Diete)
SVRRIC, Despotem - Leave This Place
Hurshel - Belong
HUZU x PRAV - Fallen
Whipped Cream - You Wanted It (Jubnar Remix)
Far Out - Strangers (SKUM Remix)
FanEOne - Vilition
Nitti Gritti - Prime Time

Top 5 of this stage:
1. voX
2. Dolphin
3. -Gow-
4. kennynext
5. Izgoy
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*UPD* Download HLTV demos

Huge thanks to all who participated, watch streams, like our videos, sent comments and feedback, and followed us. Hope to see you next time. GL.