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Posted by Kpoluk 19 Jan in 16:15
First of all we remind you that you have less than one week before Offline Tournament with rush_cemetery ends. Map is not very easy for recording, so don't be afraid to fall, starting the room from the beginning is normal.

After new LJ stats was added to our server, a lot of suggestions appeared. Work will be continued, but now we're going to sum up first changes. A lot of attention is given to new stats cause it will be added as default to our LAN pack, and pack itself will be mandatory for recording. So if you collected some demos, now it's time to upload them.

So, here are the fixes and changes:

  • fixed disappearing of prestrafe and speed (when speed is enabled, you can mention flickering cause speed is updating very frequently)
  • showkeys were moved above speclist
  • fixed run time in HUD after it exceeds 9 hours
  • setting Block teleport to you is back on the last page of Settings Menu
  • also new setting First column of Strafe Stats was added on the last page of Settings Menu, you can choose what info to show in first column of Strafe Stats - pressed buttons or number of strafe
  • setting Show total gain in Strafe Stats turned into Total gain and efficiency in Strafe Stats cause now it includes both summary gain-loss and average efficiency (which is average sync from old stats)
  • fuser2 was removed from main stats (you still can see fuser2 of every prestrafe element in console)
  • main stats of multicountjump now has number of ducks
  • chat command /height was added (it's not saved in settings, you need to write in chat after connect), it enables showing estimated height in prestrafe area, plus real jump height in main stats (it differs when you bump into ceiling for example)
  • changed calculation of friction frames for highjump, now it's exactly the same as in game engine
  • if you jump right after weapon switch, stats will be failed (with touch mark in strafe stats)
  • added detect of backwards and sideways (won't be shown if speed was lost at the end of jump, for example in case of touching the wall)