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mls_wintercliff ( Cosy-climbing) 11.01.2018
World recordРоссия dropzone - 01:24.82

KZ-Rush record Peru spwkzpe - 01:33.20

Mapper Казахстан malaysia

Pro-record No record

Nub-record Malaysia mls - 02:31.50 (52 cp / 9 gc)

Difficulty Easy-Average

Length Short

Download map mls_wintercliff (1,16 MB)
Installation instructions

Map Installation Guide

  1. Download map archive
  2. Unzip the archive in any convenient folder
  3. Open cstrike folder, which is located in the place of Counter-Strike installation. In case of Steam version the path looks like Steam\steamapps\common\Half-Life
  4. Copy all files from the folder, where you unzipped the archive, to cstrike folder according to the following table (if your system asks about replacing files, choose Copy and Replace):
We don't know about shortcuts on this map

Community records

# Player Time Difference Date  
1 Peru spwkzpe 01:33.20   08.04.18 Watch video
# Player Time Date Weapon CP GC
1 Malaysia mls 02:31.50 20.04.18 knife 52 9

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