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Posted by Kpoluk 20 Nov 2017 in 15:51

Why there are so few maps on the site? I want to record a demo on %mapname%, but there is no such map! Also I wanted to play %mapname% on your servers, but cannot find it!

Quality over quantity. Of course, this concept is quite relative. Still, balanced maps with good design have more chances to get accepted rather than some 'quicky' ones. The optimal WR time should be at least 2 minutes.

The first server is meant to has more difficult maps and the second one was created for easier maps. All server maps are available for demo recording for the site. At that, there are a few maps which cannot be played on the servers, though they still can be recorded for the website.

Maps, which have a certain amount of records on the site or our servers, enter the rating system (you can easily identify those maps since they have a small star right next to their names). Site and server records done on those maps are rewarded with Points.

You can follow player ratings here. Note that Points are given to all players, but to get into the rating you need to register on the site and add your steam account in profile settings.

Sometimes I have problems with internet and lose connection with server, and when it becomes normal again, I enter the server and see that there is still my model with my nick standing motionless. At that I have strange Steam ID and no Points.

This is a common problem actually, so when you enter the server, it cannot understand that this is real you, because there is already a player who has your Steam ID. In that case just until your ghost leave the server (could take about a minute), disconnect and connect to the server again (not just reconnect!). You will get correct Steam ID.

I see this message in chat: "Your ID is invalid". What does it mean?

It means server temporarily lost connection with database. As soon as connection is restored you will be able to press start button. It might also happen when you try to finish the run. In this case your time will be saved in server logs, and a special script will add it to the database later.