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Demo recording rules

Posted by Kpoluk 9 May 2017 in 10:51

Recording demos with no checkpoints

  • Maplist for recording demos with no checkpoints can be found here.
  • Demo should be recorded on LAN server (aka listen server, which means created via New Game). You can lear how to record and upload demos in this article.
  • To be able to upload demos you should confirm your Steam ID (read how to do it here).
  • Non-Steam demos and demos, recorded on old protocols, are not accepted. You can use only the latest build of the licensed version of Counter-Strike 1.6 (build 6153 or newer, you can check it by typing version in console).
    Attention! The latest CS build available on Steam crashes when you try to use our LAN pack, also object boost cannot be performed there. So you just need to switch to the previous version (build 8684), which is called legacy
    mode (Steam Library - right click on CS - Properties - Beta - Select steam_legacy from the list). After this, Steam will update some of the game files.
  • Demos recorded earlier than 2016 are not accepted. If you really need to upload your old demos, use special upload called Old demos, but be aware that every old demo will cost you 200 Points (you can learn how to earn Points here).
  • You should use this pattern for the name of your demo: mapname_nick_time.dem
    Time has a specific format 0000.00, where first two numbers - minutes (if the length of demo is 100 minutes and more, there should be 3 numbers for minutes), then two number for seconds and finally tenths and hundredths of a second after the point. Thousandths of a second are not taken into account.

    Example: bkz_goldbhop_zhady_0138.28.dem

    If map has more than one route, specify used route in the demo name.

    Example: kz_kzfr_rabbithighway[+1337]_zhady_04:37.39.dem

    You can find more info about routes here.
  • We recommend you to use our LAN server for recording demos. It will automaticly calculate the duration of run and name demo correctly (if you are using different nick in the demo, don't forget to change it in demo name, otherwise our upload will reject it).
  • Demo should be packed in an archive with extension of *.zip (archive name should be the same as demo name). We recommend to use standard Windows feature to create zip archive, just right click on the demo file and choose Send to -> Compressed (zipped) folder):

  • Some maps must be recorded with a special modification called AXN that imitates the physics of CS 1.3 (read more about AXN here. You can get the list of all our AXN maps on the Site Records page by choosing Only AXN maps option. At that every AXN map has a special mark on its profile page:

  • Demo should contain the moments of pressing of start and finish buttons. If you want to fall from hill or use some other way of gaining the speed before pressing start button, demo should include this process as well.
  • Using of freescroll (special mode of some mice, which allows scrolling without clicking) is forbidden.
  • You can start the timer only one time during the demo (repeated presses that don't restart the timer are allowed).
  • You are not allowed to use any AMXX or Metamod plugins (for example, hook) to gain the speed before pressing the start button.
  • You can start your run only from the place, which is reachable without using AMXX or Metamod plugins.
  • At the moment of pressing the start button all objects on the map must be in their default state (func_breakable not broken, func_pushable not moved etc).
  • Only standard nightvision is allowed.
  • You can use only knife and usp during the run.
  • Average fps during the run should be not less than 85.
  • Godmode is prohibited on all maps (including slide maps).
  • Custom FOV (field of view) is allowed.
  • Plugins for measuring time between certain positions are allowed.
  • It's forbidden to get advantage from other players during the run. All your guests should be spectators since the moment of demo start.
  • It's forbidden to use world record bots or any other bots during the run.
  • It's forbidden to block standard sounds of steps, shooting, stab and damage.
  • You are not allowed to use any cheats, hacks, plugins or scripts, affecting the game physics. You can bind "+jump" and "+duck" commands to any button (you can read more info about binding here). "+use" spam with help of "wait script" is forbidden, but you can bind "+use" to scroll.
  • You are not allowed to change your config (including buttons binding) during the run. All settings should be set beforehand.
  • It's forbidden to display the current speed (displaying the prestrafe or other auxiliary info leads to the penalty on points). Demos with /speed will not be accepted.
  • You are not allowed to use "adjust_crosshair" command.
  • You are not allowed to use "+strafe" command. By default it's bound to alt button, so it's safer to unbind it by typing undind alt in console.
  • Fake demos (recorded by another player) are not allowed.
  • Demos containing third-party models, sprites, sounds or gfx will be rejected. For example, if you install a plugin named "blockmaker" on your lan server, it will require specific model from all players who try to play your demo, hence the demo will be rejected.
  • You are not allowed to use any AMXX or Metamod plugins which can give an advantage over the players with default settings. In particular, it's forbidden to use invis (plugin that can hide water on a map). Here is the list of legal settings:

    server settings:

    edgefriction 2
    sv_gravity 800
    sv_stopspeed 75
    sv_maxspeed 320
    sv_accelerate 5
    sv_airaccelerate 10
    sv_wateraccelerate 10
    sv_friction 4
    sv_waterfriction 1
    sv_stepsize 18
    sv_maxvelocity 2000
    sv_cheats 0
    sv_rollangle 0
    mp_footsteps 1

    player settings:

    cl_sidespeed 400
    cl_backspeed 400
    cl_forwardspeed 400
    cl_movespeedkey 0.52
    fps_max 99.5
    fps_override 0
    gl_vsync 0
  • Questions about release date will be ignored.
  • If you think that your demo was rejected unreasonably, you can bring your arguments in a polite manner. In this case administrator might change his mind.

Note: recording "with no checkpoints" means that you can create checkpoints (/cp), but you cannot teleport to them (cannot do /gc).

Recording demos with checkpoints

All the rules, described for demos without checkpoints, also apply to demos with checkpoints wiht a few modifications and additions:

  • Maplist for recording demos with checkpoints can be found here.
  • You must use KZ-Rush LAN server (version not less than 3.0, you can check it by typing /version in chat).
  • If map has [mpbhop] route in its name, you must use mpbhop, otherwise mpbhop is forbidden.
  • If mpbhop couldn't freeze some bhop block, you should do it manually (look straight at this block, write kz_mpbhopmenu in console and choose freezing).
  • It's allowed to use new night vision (cvar kz_newnightvision).
  • You are not allowed to do checkpoints in air, on slide and on bhop blocks. You can do checkpoints on ladder.

Note: If you were creating checkpoints (/cp) during the run, but didn't teleport to them (didn't use /gc), and demo is recorded without mpbhop, the demo considered as demo with no checkpoints and can be submitted through the corresponding upload.