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Posted by Kpoluk 16 Aug 2016 in 18:34
Our servers have the most qualitative maps. It means they have nice design or just pleasant to play, and what is quite important they are not too short. You can suggest any map that fit these parameters on our site. We will consider your proposal and add or reject the map.

Our main servers are #1 JUMP [Hard] (hard and extreme maps) and #2 JUMP [Average] (easy and average maps). Both of them have intergated points system. Chat command /points shows info about SP & EP points system. To take a part in rating you need to register on our site and bind your Steam ID on profile page (for Steam CS only). Write /vip to see details. If you have already done it, /vip will show you a VIP menu.

Most of functions are implemented in main menu, but you may still want to know some important chat commands.


/cp, /check, /checkpoint – save position
/gc, /tp, /gocheck – load last position
/stuck – load last but one position (up to 4 positions back)
/unstuck - use this if you are stucked in textures
/start – teleport to the map start (if timer is started it will be paused)
/setstart, /savestart, /ss – save your own start position
/spec, /ct – switch to spectators / counter-terrorists
/speclist – hide / show a list of spectators watching you
/pause, /unpause, /p – pause / unpause timer (screen is highlighted with blue color for pause state)
/clear – get rid of blue highlight while being in pause
/savepos, /save – save run (next time you connect to server your position, timer and checkpoints will be loaded), at that timer will be paused
/spawn, /respawn – teleport to the map respawn
/reset – reset timer and all counters

For /cp and /gc commands it’s handy to use binds. For example, you can bind them to V button and mouse5 by writing in console:
bind “v” “say /cp”
bind “mouse5” “say /gc”
Choose buttons so that it would be comfortable for you to press them. You can bind other commands the same way.

Be careful using /savepos. Saved run will be deleted in case of:
1) unpause
2) using /reset
3) pressing start button

/weapons, /weapon, /weap, /guns – get weapons
/usp, /scout, /deagle, /p90, /famas, /sg552, /m4a1, /m4, /ak47, /m249, /awp – get corresponding weapon (if you already have one, get one more charger)

/menu, /mainmenu, /main - open main menu (also called by pressing M button)
/invis – open menu where you can make players and water invisible
/kzmenu – open kz menu
/top, /top10, /top15 – open menu of choosing top (pro or nub)
/pro, /pro10, /pro15 – open pro top (without gochecks)
/nub, /nub10, /nub15 – open nub top (with gochecks)
/me, /mytop – open a list of player’s records and shows SP and EP
/rank, /stats, /rankstats – open general rating (sorted by SP) showing player’s points and League
/server – open menu of choosing server
/settings – open settings menu (both general stuff and lj stats)

/wr – show world record on current map (Xtreme-Jumps or Cosy-Climbing)
/ru, /rush – show KZ-Rush record on current map

/noclip, /nc – on / off free movement through the map (if timer is started it will be paused; after turning noclip off you will be teleported to the place where it was turned on)
+hook – console command which gives an ability to fly through the map using a “hook” (if timer is started it will be paused). To use it just write in console bind “button” “+hook”, instead of “button” place any button you want.

timeleft, tl – show the time left before a map changing
thetime – show current date and time
rtv, rockthevote – add a vote for map change. Everyone can use rtv after 20 seconds since the moment when map was started. One needs at least 2/3 of all players to call voting. There is votes check when anyone leave the server.
currentmap – show current map in chat
nextmap – show next map in chat (it’s determined after voting)

If player is inactive for 5 minutes (standing still or spectating and writing no chat messages at the same time), server marks him as AFK. He will see a red “AFK” word under his radar, his vote will not be taken into account in rtv check.

If timer is not started or you are in pause, you can do checkpoints on slide.

/ljstats – on / off lj statistics
/colorchat – on / off color messages of lj statistics in chat
/speed – show player speed
/showpre – on / off showing of prestrafe
/ljpre – when showpre is on, on / off showing lj prestrafe
/beam – on / off beam that shows trajectory of your jump

If there is HP booster on the map, all players automatically get a godmode. Otherwise, be cautious because you can die after a fall or another way. After death you will be teleported to the last checkpoint (or to the map start, if you have no checkpoints).

To use nightvision just press N button. All dark places will be lighted up.