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SoldMySoul 13.06
@Kpoluk i was not active for days sorry but u can join the server and check for yourself its not normal 100aa its filtered like on 10aa servers when you switch u can feel it and it aint about the ping it is bearly playable tbh
asd123 11.06
what's the highest lj stats ever done (without mouse-slaps, and landed/failed)
Kpoluk 08.06
@ahful- you are right, however I would like to see if the problem actually exist and how it looks like. The last update from 19th of May should have been fixed any issues.
ahful- 07.06
@SoldMySoul Just play on their dedicated 100aa KZ server where airaccel is set as a server variable instead of switching to 100aa on their 10aa servers, which is done via a server-sided plugin (at least I assume so) which is impacted by your ping.
B2U 07.06
@SoldMySoul Try to disable 4its, i guess thats will work lol
Kpoluk 06.06
@SoldMySoul can you guy explain exactly what are you talking about. Record the demo with a clear demonstration of "glitching true air".
SoldMySoul 06.06
can you guys put back the old plugin for 100aa why do we have to suffer this shit with filtered 10aa we are glitching true air
B2U 05.06
Promax is speedmaps and bhop player.Topo is league above.He is god on speedmaps, hard, extreme, death.Hes not maybe only in slide and steeps, other are good in one section only.(Im topviyfan i know, another big fan is net, shoutout to net lol)
cstrike 05.06
@asd123 his bhop is gold (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
asd123 04.06
promax on goldbhop is literally masterclass for bhop.
Kpoluk 02.06
@asd123 I guess you're using chat command, which can just switch between two states. Try to use /ljs settings menu, there are much more options.
Kpoluk 02.06
@nett 100aa didn't change. As for your violations, I've warned you that next gag will be 6 months long, so now you have it.
hfour 01.06
@pepi probably the legendary run on hfr_vault_h by jigsaw with 2516 mins
asd123 01.06
Is there a way to disable others' jumpstats while keeping mine? /colorchat seems to disable all.
cstrike 01.06
@pepi i know only 1852 min on JKR_zuodiebl0ck_v3
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