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avivVv 19.01
@Kpoluk ok ty
mls 19.01
swatter 19.01
@1WERANCE Ой, бой!
Kpoluk 19.01
@avivVv how to name routes: ссылка . The second one is in New Year's post.
1WERANCE 19.01
@avivVv eto znak bratan :)
avivVv 18.01
@Kpoluk - wrong route name --
which route name I did? what is the second map that you are talking about?
Kpoluk 18.01
@avivVv removed it from servers list (you still can record a demo on it). By the way note that you have two rejected demos in last releases where you just used wrong route in demo names.
avivVv 18.01
u delet kz_man_dreming from the maps or repair it?
becouse the bug ?
dislike 16.01
из stellseries какие норм мыши?
Kpoluk 16.01
@B2U only admins can see your email. Steam id can be hidden by clicking on check near it in profile settings.
B2U 16.01
@Kpoluk please hide if you can my steam id and email on my profile.Thanks
MaVo^ 14.01
@Lifestealer+ otprav mne xd:D
B2U 13.01
@Kpoluk Many thanks.I tryed to register with nick B2U but it was already reserved.Im probably registered looong time ago.
Kpoluk 13.01
@B2U done (but I would recommend to restore your password with help of email from the old acc next time).

@blackfury я добавил это lxr в trello, но если что это 125 по счёту карточка в разделе "нужно сделать"

@all похоже страница с VIP сервером перестала работать, поэтому скорее всего ближайшие две недели пока не появится lxr будем без него.
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