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Posted by Kpoluk 20 Nov 2017 in 16:01

Welcome to our site! KZ-Rush is a kreedz community for funs of Counter-Strike game physics. Here we are passing maps with timer, compete in jump distance and just chatting :)

At the moment we are aiming at Counter-Strike 1.6, since it’s a homeland of kreedz (or simply kz). Later CS versions have quite pared-down freedom of movements, so many valuable things were lost. We are going to support KZMod a bit later – this is a game based on Source engine, where developers recreated CS 1.6 game physics.

Kreedz got its name from the creator of the first map for climbing. In 2003 guy from Canada named Kreedz decided to build up Counter-Strike 1.6 map with a mock-up of his house. Later he added trees players could climb on. And then he came to the idea of map for his teammates where they could compete in climbing. So the first map with kz_ tag was created. It had start and stop buttons and was named kz_giantbean_b15. Later new kz maps appeared and kz community with its site became famous all over the world. New players came to the site, mappers were building up creative and challenging maps. Soon national communities were founded.

If you want to understand how kreedz turned out to be so interesting you can join our servers. To do it you need installed Counter-Strike 1.6 on your computer. On the right sidebar of this site you can see monitoring of two kz servers (with hard maps and average one). You can see IP, map name and list of players who are playing right now. To join them click on IP or run the game, open console and write there connect Then press Enter and you will be spawned on the Average server :)

It’s highly recommended to use license version of CS 1.6. You can buy it right in Steam. The fact is that you will get so called Steam ID along with a license version. This is a unique identifier which is bound to Steam account and stays invariable. Having such an identifier, you can register on our site and add Steam account in your site’s profile. When you press Steam icon in profile, you will get to the official Steam site, where you should type in your Steam login and password. Don’t worry, their site is protected from stealing your data (there is a lock in address bar). After that all records that you will do on our servers and all demos recorded for the site will be bound to your Steam ID and shown in your site’s profile.