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Checkpoints Cup + Spring Extreme Mapping Contest

Posted by lxr 30 Jan in 13:39
Our first checkpoints cup on extreme maps was finished. I think it was very good except several organization moments. For us this type of cup was new and it can't be done without help of Kpoluk who added some functionality to cup server plugins. We thank MEDVDED_EBUN for the cup orgranization process and bORN2MAKEPORN for help and donation to tournament prize pool. Thanks to skarp for consulting. We also thank Hopez and sekai for the translation of news related to this cup. Huge thanks to all donators, broadcasters and their followers who was with us in the cup progress. We hope to see you on our next cups, and we will try to make it better, more interesting and huge!

Winners of the cup:
1. dropzone (1 593 RUB + VIP3)
2. brokoly (860 RUB + VIP3)
3. outside (510 RUB + VIP3)
4. Dawn (223 RUB + VIP3)
5. Okazys (VIP3)
6. sekai (VIP3)
7. TuF (VIP3)
8. Zimok (VIP3)

All other participants will get VIP1 for the one month.

Links to broadcasts:
Overall report of the cup

Tournament bracket

New Mapping Contest

In the spring we would like to start new tournament on hard/extreme maps and we will be verry happy if there will be some fresh maps from our community, so we want to start new Spring Extreme Mapping Contest. For this time we need extreme maps with spring theme, good atmosphere and design. For each map which will be released during this contest i will pay 1500 RUB. Our next cup will be in April, so Mappers have about 2 month to finish their maps and upload it to our site. So our mapchecking team will be able to check all maps and give a response about bugs and sc's. I think that deadline for the contest is 20 March. We hope to see your maps in our next cup!