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How to help KZ-Rush

Posted by lxr 16 Jun 2018 in 17:14

The first way – Activity in our community

The first basic thing, which may help us – Activity. You can record demo? Do it. You can post an comment to the newspost or article? Do it. You can help new players? Do it. These are simple actions which you can do, and its make us happy when many peoples are active in our community.

The second way - Promotion

It's the second important way. Its very entertaining when our servers or uploads are full, and when we make releases frequently. Repost of our news, share our videos in social networks – its very good way to help us. Every day we see a lot of people who like Counter-Strike and Kreedz but don’t know anything about Kreedz Communities and KZ-Rush.

The third way – Content making

We can provide you access to make articles and newsposts on our site, of course if you can write interesting and relevant posts.

You’re mapper? Ok, you can submit your maps to our community and get rush_ tag. Its very hard, because we have very high requirements, but its real. Of course we will provide you our vision of every map and help you with testing. You can submit your map here (menu Records → Submit map). Actual rules for submitted maps can be found here.

You can make movies and ROTW/BOTW for our community if you wish. Of course we have quite high requirements but as well as in mapping we will provide you feedback and our vision for each movie you make. Please contact us before making video to solve possible problems.

If you can write readable short posts then we can provide you access to our social networks where you can be community manager and maintain activity. It's great opportunity to get experience.

The fourth way - Tournaments

You can be a sponsor of tournament in our community. The greater prize pool is the more motivated players will be. You can donate money for offline tournament (players record demos) or online cups (which currently are disabled but will be enabled in the nearest future). Just tell us in donation comment which type you choose. As our gratitude we’ll give you a temporary “Tournament sponsor” badge and Points (10 Points for each ruble). Don’t forget to tell us your nickname in our community if you’re not logged in.


Besides you can organize own tournament or cup on our platform. We can help you with offline tournaments or online cups. It's not a regular thing, so you need to contact us to solve possible problems. You can contact us using our feedback form (Community → Feedback).

The fifth way – Donate to pay for the servers and to develop community

This is the last way to help us which we can provide to you. Tell us your nickname in donation comment. As our gratitude we’ll give you a temporary “Donator” badge and Points (10 Points for each ruble).


Please don’t write something like “I donate hoping you will make … feature on the site”. Firstly we can’t guarantee that your idea can be done in our community. Secondly, we can’t guarantee that your request will be processed in time. It will make us unhappy if we receive donate with specified request and we can’t do that.