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How to enable beta in Jackhammer

Posted by lxr 8 Nov 2019 in 20:36
If you have not tried the Jackhammer map editor, we strongly recommend you to do it, as it offers significantly more options than Valve Hammer and Q3Radiant. At the same time, it copies Valve Hammer interface, so you will have no problems during the migration. Those who already use it could notice that updates have not been released for a long time. But its not true, because it updates only in the beta version, which is turned off by default. Behind the spoiler you can see main changes compared to stable version at this moment (11/08/2019): Spoiler

  • Profile system: multi-user support; settings are not reset on "Cache integrity checks" anymore
  • MacOS operating system support (tested on Sierra and newer)
  • Holding ALT in vertex manipulation snaps vertices to one-pixel grid instead of current grid
  • Entity report: can search by value without a key
  • Entity report: sorting by clicking column headers
  • Faster loading of a map with lots of models
  • Display rotation angle in vertex manipulation
  • The editor now closes much faster
  • Improved pointfile display with RGB gradient
  • The editor now can export geometry to OBJ file format (File -> Export to OBJ). You can also export the selection, or only the objects within a cordon. Faces with NULL/caulk textures are not exported
  • The editor now remembers the selection frame in Block Tool; you can undo creation of a primitive, and restore the frame. This can be extremely useful when you erroneously create a primitive of another type rather than the anticipated one. Hit Ctrl+Z, select another primitive type and hit Enter again!
  • Shortcuts are now displayed in context menus
  • The editor will not copy object after moving with Shift if it was not translated
  • And many other things which will be added before release

You can send suggestions and bug reports directly to developer on the HLFX forums:
thread for suggestions
thread for bugs

To enable Beta version you need go to the Steam library and select J.A.C.K.:

Open Properties:

On the Beta-versions tab you should enter code VPebyKRjr2SM to the corresponding field and press «Check code»:

After that you will be able to select Beta version in the dropdown list above:

Steam will update the editor automatically and you will see [beta] after editor's name in the library:

Use beta. It makes you life easy! :)