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Info string length exceeded error

Posted by lxr 26 Jan 2019 in 11:37

Info string length exceeded error appears in Counter-Strike 1.6 when length of the data which, must be set with setinfo, is more than allocated memory buffer. In other words when someone wants to set a lot of data using setinfo. This often happens when player visits a lot of servers and each of these servers saves some settings in the setinfo fields. After that, when player wants to do setinfo _pw "password" or set game password through corresponding command he will see this error message. The most used fields to store data is bottomcolor, lang, _gm и model, so the first step which can fix this error is to open console and execute these commands:

setinfo model ""
setinfo bottomcolor ""
setinfo lang ""
setinfo _gm ""

Almost always it's enough, but we recommend you cleanup your config files. If you want to see all data which is currently set in your setinfo then you should execute "setinfo" without arguments in the game console. After that you will see something like this:

I have clean config and there are no "bad" values, but if you see something like setinfo "asdfxc" "bcvd456agrmkgaeln4a543n543oi5a34nokm4a3n54a3543a", you can remove it, but don't forget that althrough this values can cause "Info string length exceeded" error, in the same time this values can be used on some servers as settings.

To prevent this error in future we reccomend you to set "Read only" attribute to all your config files: autoexec.cfg,config.cfg, userconfig.cfg