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Posted by Kpoluk 28 Jun 2018 in 17:37
You can download KZ-Rush LAN server here.
Stable work is guaranteed for all CS builds from 6153 to 8684. To check your build just type version in console:

Attention! The latest CS build available on Steam crashes when you try to use our LAN pack, also object boost cannot be performed there. So you just need to switch to the previous version (build 8684), which is called legacy
mode (Steam Library - right click on CS - Properties - Beta - Select steam_legacy from the list). After this, Steam will update some of the game files.

Attention! Before installation make sure that you've launched game through New Game at least once.

Unpack (or just drag) the contents of into cstrike folder. This folder's located in Steam directory:

If you are asked about files replacement, choose "Copy and replace":

If you are already using some other LAN server, just delete addons folder from your cstrike and then install our LAN server.