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No Free Edicts Error

Posted by Kpoluk 28 Jun 2018 in 17:49
When launching certain big maps you may have one of there errors:

Host_Error: CL_EntityNum: 1366 is an invalid number
ED_Alloc No Free Edicts

To solve this problem, you need to increase num_edicts value. There are two ways to do it.

Way 1

(through launch options)

Right click on Steam icon, chose Library:

Right click on Counter-Strike and choose Properties:

Press Set launch options. Type -num_edicts 4096 (if you already have something there, just add this string after space).

Way 2

(through liblist.gam)

Open it with notepad and find this line:

edicts "1800"

Change value to 4096, save and close file.
If there is no such perameter in liblist.gam, just write it on a new line.