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Offline tournament #7

Posted by Russian Federation Kpoluk 6 Nov 2018 in 18:12
Less than 2 weeks left before our second online cup, and for now we suggest you to warm up in seventh offline tournament on the new map by HaMMa! Map is easy and not very long, but you'll face a few risky stages, so be careful :)

All rules for nocp demos apply.

As always, there is a special upload for tournament demos:

First place will get 500 rubles, the second 300 rubles and the third 200 rubles. All participants will get VIP 1 for two weeks. If someone already has VIP 1, he will get + 2 weeks to it, if he has higher VIP, he will get 700 Points (not Exp!). For non-Russian players we suggest to use PayPal, seems like for us this is the only service able to transfer money abroad. It's desirable to have USD currency on your PayPal otherwise taxes will be huge (about 30 percent).

You have one week, upload will be closed automatically at midnight by Moscow time from 13 to 14 November.

Few words from Russian Federation lxr. Firstly we have one working server which is free and we can use it to setup new gaming server. We are thinking that we have enough Kreedz servers and new server must be different. So we have this ideas:
  • Deathrun
  • Classic public server (shooting)
  • CSDM
You can choose one of the specified options or give us your vision for this question in comments. Don't write something about Autocup server, because it's already in our todo-list (in the future).

Secondly we want to gather opinions of our players about VIP-capabilities. Is it enough? Maybe you have an idea to improve it? Maybe you think that some capabilities is imbalanced? Some players tell us that VIP map extension is imbalanced and some players abuse this feature to extend map as long as possible and its bad because many players left the server when one map running a lot of time. Do you agree with that? Maybe we must change limit for map extending depending to map length and difficulty? What do you think?

Thirdly we are know that someones attacking our servers from time to time. We will be very grateful if you tell us about attacks in time. It will help us.

Fourthly we have many open vacancies from map testers (we need low-skilled too) to programmers. If you want to learn something new or improve your skills or gain experience in a teamwork then you can send us a message and i think we can find a way for you. Feel free to contact us.