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[CS16] Offline tournament #24 - 7 demos

Posted by Kpoluk 9 Jun 2022 in 18:19
Tournament results:

1 place - Juby (29 Exp) +1 month of VIP3
2 place - akkuratist (28 Exp) +3 weeks of VIP3
3 place - Penguin (27 Exp) already has VIP4
4 place - seniug (26 Exp) +2 weeks of VIP2
5 place - 1WERANCE (24 Exp) +2 weeks of VIP2
6 place - FaL (22 Exp) +1 week of VIP3
7 place - OverjoyedBrass (21 Exp) already has VIP4


Juby done in 01:38.18 (01:35.63 paslalala) 2 place 29 Exp
akkuratist done in 01:38.20 (01:35.63 paslalala) 3 place 28 Exp
Penguin done in 01:39.59 (01:35.63 paslalala) 4 place 27 Exp
seniug done in 01:40.32 (01:35.63 paslalala) 5 place 26 Exp
1WERANCE done in 01:43.60 (01:35.63 paslalala) 7 place 24 Exp
FaL done in 01:48.15 (01:35.63 paslalala) 9 place 22 Exp
OverjoyedBrass done in 01:59.30 (01:35.63 paslalala) 10 place 21 Exp
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In addition to gratitude to the participants of the tournament, I would also like to say thanks to the group of players led by Okazys who took up the process of map rechecking in order to correct their difficulty rates shown in the site profiles and servers. Here they are: Qicg, ArvInD, FrX, pepi and Irvin. Together we've examined more than two dozen of hard maps, and for most of them difficulty was changed, since I myself couldn't finish some extreme maps and also the perception of them altered over the years. A few maps got a remark in their site profiles that warns about some places that might be harder than the rest of the map. Also bORN2MAKEPORN provided the list of extreme-rated maps that are played on the Hard server, so I'll need to check them as well and maybe transfer them to the Extreme server.