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[CS16] Offline tournament #26 - 6 demos + New Community Map

Posted by Kpoluk 5 Mar in 19:50
Let's summarize the results of our modest offline tournament. There are not many participants, but there is something to see here, good job to everyone who recorded the demos. I encourage everyone else to join next time, it's good practice regardless of your experience. When a suitable map appears in our upload, we will continue the series, stay tuned.

Tournament results:
1 place - pepi (60 Exp) + 3 months of VIP3
2 place - drizz (29 Exp) 2 months of VIP3
3 place - Izgoy (28 Exp) + 1 month of VIP3
4 place - Excommunicado (27 Exp)
5 place - CTouK (26 Exp) + 2 weeks of VIP3
6 place - 3232 (25 Exp) + 2 weeks of VIP2


pepi done in 02:20.80 WR! 1 place 60 Exp
drizz done in 02:24.83 2 place 29 Exp
Izgoy done in 02:32.83 3 place 28 Exp
Excommunicado done in 02:50.12 4 place 27 Exp
CTouK done in 03:11.50 5 place 26 Exp
3232 done in 03:27.96 6 place 25 Exp
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In the meantime, a hard-extreme map dri_vermell from a tournament participant drizz is passing through our upoad. The mapper worked well based on the comments issued by CrayFish, TyIIIkA, hfour and bORN2MAKEPORN. The balance of jumps has been leveled, objects, safe blocks and additional stages have been added. Thanks to everyone who took part in the review and congratulations to the mapper on finishing work on the map!

In other news, at the request of players, the /hide command has been added to the server to hide weapon models (the setting is not remembered, it is reset when changing weapons, hiding occurs only for the user using the command for spec as well), as well as several additional options for Colorchat, allowing you to show only messages above a certain level (Pro, Leet, Godlike). Test new features, enjoy the game!