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[CS16] Checkpoints release

Posted by Kpoluk 6 May 2023 in 10:10
Let's add a new community map hb_hfour_x made by all1aNcE. In the last news, we discussed a new requirement for maps, this time we will discuss the procedure for accepting extreme+ maps. I myself cannot check their balance, so I have to rely on mapcheckers. At the moment we have 20 people with mapchecker rights, 6 of them are marked as XJ mapcheckers (at one time we gave them access so that when adding KZ-Rush maps to XJ there would be no need to edit them):
abubas, all1aNcE, bORN2MAKEPORN, ChinaStream, chorykapitan, Creep, dropzone, edZika, HaMMa,
MEDVDED_EBUN, mls, sekai, Sixel^, Sly, Chichin, FuZzy1, hoLy, Okazys, Qicg, TuF.

Every map release I mention those who participate in the checking process by leaving comments in our upload. As you can see, usually there are 1-3 checkers, sometimes I'm the only one. At the same time, out of all mapcheckers, only a few people can pass extreme maps. For example, only MEDVDED_EBUN and the mapper himself all1aNcE participated in balance check of hb_hfour_x in our upload. Therefore, we do not interfere with testing extreme maps on public servers, and have already practiced this several times here. But there is a nuance.

Anyone who wants to upload a map to our upload is greeted with the following inscription:
This form can be used only by mappers who create map for our community. Don't use this form for uploading maps made by others or sent/accepted in other communities.

Thanks to this rule, we also avoid situations when the map is already being played on another server or has demos recorded in another community. Making new changes according to our comments may lead to the existence of several different versions on different servers. But since it is still necessary to test extreme maps, we ask mappers to add _beta postscript with the version number to the name for the version that is going to be played on servers before the official release. hb_hfour_x has been played on the server of Romanian Jumpers community for some time now without changing the name, and henceforth such cases will be considered as a violation of the rules. These clarifications will be included in the warning on the upload page.


hb_dislike_d[mpbhop] done in 22:11.39 (717 CP, 618 GC) (32:20.37 Aye) 1 place


fu_extreme done in 04:41.59 (201 CP, 69 GC) (03:05.04 inspare) 3 place


bhop_ray done in 16:13.13 (272 CP, 426 GC) (02:39.64 DeathEater) 7 place
fu_darkblock done in 10:43.90 (327 CP, 288 GC) (03:27.65 inspare) 5 place
nz_hangman done in 05:21.41 (176 CP, 111 GC) (03:13.86 V4R10L4V3R4) 2 place


fu_extreme done in 03:20.57 (82 CP, 26 GC) (03:05.04 inspare) 2 place
kzblt_dx_blueshadow2 done in 10:54.93 (204 CP, 83 GC) (15:42.04 Creep) 1 place


hb_GoDfreee done in 04:01.54 (100 CP, 100 GC) 1 place
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