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[CS16] Checkpoints release + XJ is back

Posted by Kpoluk 13 Apr in 12:01
If anyone missed it, Xtreme-Jumps is back in action on the new version of the site. The main functionality has already been set up, the rest is promised to be done over time. The servers of the project Romanian Jumpers were selected as main servers. It means if you have any suggestions for their work you can contact R3AL. Also you can report site bugs on a special channel with tickets in XJ discord.

From our news - I posted on the forum plugins for public servers (the main one and mapchanger), in addition to the already posted version of lj stats for public pages. Without source code, with the ability to work with your database. I have taken on this work several times over the past 6 years, but each time the requestor lost interest before I finished. This time, the person who made the request RhymeRemix was able to wait, although he hasn’t installed it on his server KZNA
(North America). In any case, I will update these plugins in parallel with the plugins of our servers, maybe it will be useful to someone.


fu_extreme done in 03:44.07 (176 CP, 49 GC) (03:05.04 inspare) 3 place


hfr_refuge done in 08:48.86 (357 CP, 123 GC) (21:21.72 hfour) 1 place
imkz_ivory done in 02:14.92 (157 CP, 18 GC) (03:25.35 smieszneznaczki) 1 place
JKR_zuodiebl0ck_v3 done in 04:27.82 (198 CP, 67 GC) (09:17.10 Zimok) 1 place
kzro_brick1337 done in 07:21.24 (376 CP, 106 GC) (09:38.31 Aye) 1 place
mls_inception done in 06:11.69 (280 CP, 66 GC) (08:48.52 tHEYAMBO) 1 place
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