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4 New Community Maps

Posted by Kpoluk 17 Sep in 17:03
We continue to add community maps. inactive created hard-extreme xr_vvn1ght_ez and extreme-death xr_vvn1ght, quite long maps using many techniques. For the complex version the mapper added a lot of safe teleports, but there are still a lot of risky places. In addition, the design of bhop blocks was redone on the basis of bORN2MAKEPORN comments and signs were added. The extreme version underwent a thorough check for balance and design from all1aNcE.

BluERaY^_X continues to delight with his maps, and this time in addition to easy and short kzzNk_gelions he has diversified his repertoire with hard-extreme kzzNk_heartz. TyIIIkA helped with checking, and the mapper himself while working on kzzNk_heartz added a couple of safe teleports, made it passable without mpbhop and got rid of the extra clip brush.

If you find any shortcuts, please report instead of using them. Enjoy the game!