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Posted by Kpoluk 24 Dec 2022 in 16:17
Seven community maps will see the light of day at the end of the year. Actually as many have noticed, they have been being played on servers for a week now, and most of them have received minor fixes during this time, so if you find a version mismatch, just delete the bsp file from the cstrike or cstike_downloads folder, or download the map from the site.

Besides extreme version mojito_xiaoheifen there are also simplified mojito_xiaoheifen_ez and death (preliminary) mojito_xiaoheifen_d made by Mojito. Maps include a few high rooms with narrow passages filled up with climb and bhop blocks on multiple levels. The walls of the rooms are decorated with famous paintings, many of which you will surely recognize.

The list of congratulation maps has been replenished with hb_abubas by all1aNcE. Stone facades with bookshelves coexist under one roof with a gargoyle and an idol from Easter Island, comfortably located around an active volcano in the center. Birthday cake is here as well.

abubas placed bhop sections in sandy fissures in the middle of rocks with rare withered trees on his new map abu_bhop. Pay special attention to the dynamic sky, the spectacle for CS is, frankly, unusual and bewitching. By the way, besides map making abubas distinguished himself by actively participating in the checking process and commenting on many of the maps of this release, and we thanks him for that.

Sinister ambient accompanies the player on hb_t1mef by inactive. The map is divided into two parts, different in design, ending with a room with longslide. Another small map xr_avhop_h made by him consists of bhop stages and has similar design elements that mappers have become so fond of in recent years - neon framing of blocks and translucent geometric objects.

Classic start button on gdn_gavres_h from golden_lila is combined with finish trigger. Between bhop sections in the first half you can observe some fun bears. It's the first time the mapper used our upload (just like inactive), but he also showed a good level right off the bat.

The full list of examined maps including cosy-climbing creations is listed below.

Extreme maps

Hard maps

Average maps

Won't be added
tig_35hp_2 - too many invisible walls and teleports blocking sc
mrc_dojd - too short
xr_nonstop - too short
hb_skandal - too short
5oXen_down - too short
jzw_blueblocks - too short
kznl_sequence_nine - blocking walls not spawning on round restart (maybe cause of zero spawnflags for func_wall_toggle)