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Offline Tournament #24 + 2 New Maps

Posted by Kpoluk 29 May in 17:19
Hi everyone, almost a year has passed since we had offline tournament, so it's time for reborn. However now we cannot pay to the winners cause we've faced serious problems with transferring money abroad which started last year and currently they got even worse. On the other hand, now tournaments can be played on a regular basis.

For the Offline Tournament #24 the map mls_volcanobhop was suggested. If you already has a record on this map, you will have to imporve it. All demo recording rules apply. Rating is formed by Exp, showpre will lead to a penalization. All participants receive VIPs and site icons. The last day when upload is still opened it June, 5.

Also two new community maps were added to the site and servers. nightweave_blossom by lesEnfer (also known as p1487) just like its harder version, which will be revealed during spring map contest, develops the theme of cubic shapes, forming blocks and light environment, including huge flowering plants, diluting the night blue with their lilac glow.
Significant work has been done on the map based on the comments issued by edZika, mls and MEDVDED_EBUN, thanks for their devotion.

The second map is ty_zavod by TyIIIkA, consisting of average bhop stages. The novice mapper has done a decent job with the help of textures from the standard set and he's going to improve his skills, so we wish him success. Checking process was performed by edZika and mls.

Good luck on the tournament and enjoy the game!