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Offline Tournament #11 + Adding maps

Posted by Kpoluk 27 Oct 2019 in 13:16
Last events were connected more with server records cause maps were very hard. And now finally we have an easy short map all1_orbital by Armenia all1aNce, so we continue our series of Offline Tournaments. It means that a special tournament upload will be opened for a week, so anyone can upload his demo (don't forget our recording demo rules).

First place will get 500 rubles, second 300 rubles, third 200 rubles. All participants will receive VIP1 for two weeks (or prolongation of VIP if they already have it). Mapper will get some amount of money for each participant too (this time we'll define this amount later). The last day when upload still be opened is November, 3rd.

Along with the new map we add some maps from cosy:

Average maps

kzro_bhopbl0ck - texture conflicts on bhops; bhop blocks designed as general blocks; parallel stages are separated with clip brushes
kzro_castelblock - one cannot back from finish to the start by map means only
kzro_castle - exture conflicts on bhops; big texture conflict under the water
kzro_darkfury2 - no hp booster
kzro_dohh - small texture conflict on a tree
kzro_evoletemple - func_breakalbe are not decorated; one cannot back from finish to the start by map means only
kzro_f0restbl0ck - the whole map is easy, but one jump is easy-average
kzro_quLhopEZ - func_breakalbe are not decorated; bhop blocks designed as general blocks; one of the rooms has no ceiling and can be left with hook; one cannot back from finish to the start by map means only
kzro_sunmountainset - texture conflict on hp booster right at the start
kzro_watertomb - difficulty imbalance from eays to average, taking this into account 235 hj looks very odd as an alternative to easy and long water strafing; different movement speed of bhop blocks; the last bhop-lj is 225, not 230
nobkz_minimal - big delay on bhop blocks
nobkz_mst_moat - one can see NULL textures with hook
nobkz_mst_speedmix - bhop is harder than climb
nobkz_warehousehop - small texture conflicts on the water and bhop blocks; dead end in the tank with acid
nobkz_warehousehop_ez - one can leave the map borders with hook; one cannot back from finish to the start by map means only
nonkz_tkz_simplebl00ks_ez - wrong visibility rabge; a lot of risky stages
nonkz_tkz_swift - strange water flow in the second room
notkz_ceylanhop - difficulty imbalance
notkz_city_v2 - clip brush blocking sc and undecorated teleport on the same small roof (why?); incorrect angles of the teleports; rock blocks built into houses
notkz_colors - clip brush blocking sc; a lot of texture conflicts under the water
notkz_deathhill2 - minor difficulty imbalance
notkz_egypt_hz - one can see NULL textures with hook
notkz_faster - blocks floating in the air; no hp booster
notkz_jumpzone - texture conflicts on bhop stages

Rejected maps

notkz_iraq - no hp booster on a long map with a lot of falls
kzro_untitled - poorly structured and designed for a short map - texture conflicts on bhpos; jumps and blocks of the same type; room with flickering lights; undecorated teleport to the finish room; completely transparent glasses after each lj block; one cannot back from finish to the start by map means only
notkz_bhop_nuke - modified de_nuke room has a lot of missing textures and clip brushes
notkz_finish4 - walls are not high enough, therefore one see NULL textures in the seconds room even without hook; wrong visibility range aggravates the problem; no hp booster; one cannot back from finish to the start by map means only
notkz_aztec_py - fps issues cause of flickering lights
notkz_big_hole - no hp booster on a map with a lot of falls; clip brushes blocking sc; inaccurate brush docking; texture conflicts on the bridge; noticable everywhere wrong visibility range
notkz_city - poorly structured and desgined: wrong visibility range on a box-map; one can leave map borders with hook; shifted textures on the house; func_water is too thin and constrained with transparent wall, while wave height is quite big, therefore it looks terribly from every side
kzro_rockclimb_hopz - files signs.wad and whitey_credits.wad added to the archive; texture conflicts on bhop blocks (in low state and right on the blocks); incorrect angles of the teleports; one can see NULL textures of neighbouring levels; inaccurate brush docking; difficulty imbalance
kzro_woodhop - flickering light in the first room is the source of fps issues on the most part of the map
kzro_ciajsegypt - map is too dark
notkz_badhop - texture conflicts on bhops; incorrect angles of the teleports; difficulty imbalance; one cannot back from finish to the start by map means only; inaccurate brush docing and shifted textures; the same jump repeated many times
notkz_chrizZo - using textures at the start and finish which are missing in wad file; bad design of bhop blocks - looks like general blocks, have texture conflicts on all sides, two bhop blocks are just put one into another; undecorated teleprot to another room; teleport not separated structurally from the rest part of the map; one cannot back from finish to the start by map means only; inaccurate brush docking
notkz_gj_blocker - poorly designed: random texture pick; wrong visibility range, lower levels turn into mess when one looks from above
notkz_goodluck - texture conflicts on all bhop blocks; incorrect angles of the teleports; texturing mistakes; undecorated teleports; one can see NULL textures and leave map borders with hook
notkz_kanobi_spacex - poorly designed: one room without floor with translucent white blocks
notkz_kostroma - a few imbalanced jumps along the run, and one very unbalaced at the end
notkz_flr_concretebl0ck_ez, notkz_flr_concretebl0ck_h - serious fps issues (ent_light outside of the map)
notkz_avalon - long interesting map of average difficulty, but there is a critical flaw in the middle (i. e. after 10 minutes of no-fail run): dozen of jumps (with wj among them) should be done above func_illusionary with texture of water, but mapper forgot to put teleport, so in case of fail this place becomes a dead end; also futher there is a missing texture