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Offline Tournament #25

Posted by Kpoluk 10 Jul 2022 in 17:50
We continue the series of Offline Tournaments, and our map upload has exactly what we need for a new tournament. It's a new community map malle_hb_mls_hb_malle by Malle and mls. The map contains climb sections connected structurally and at the same time through a system of teleports. Difficulty is easy-average. All demo recording rules apply. Rating is formed by Exp, showpre will lead to a penalization. All participants receive VIPs and site icons (recall that we cannot pay you anymore, moreover we have serious problems with payment for European server right now). The last day when upload is still opened is July, 17.

Also three more maps of an average difficulty were added to the site and servers: km_oldmine, ty_ccr and ty_panelwood.

By the way during these days I'm uploading server updates concerning server bot. Lan server was untied from using bot files from our ftp and migrated to downloading from xj and cosy directly, and now it's servers' turn. Thanks to Polarhigh who updated his module AmxxEasyHttp and moreover helped me with compiling unarchiving module so it has no problems with library versions anymore. I've spent a month on this theme, but now I don't have to manually update bot files. Of course if archive has wrong name bot won't show on servers, and on lan you'll have to download archive, unpack it into cstrike folder and create bot with /bot menu. Records with checkpoints will be added to the servers later, while on lan once again you can create them yourself.

That's it, good luck in the tournament!