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Offline Tournament / Оффлайн турнир

Posted by Russian Federation Kpoluk 25 Feb 2018 in 15:44
As soon as we thought about which maps to pick for the third tournament, FuZzy1 presented to us a one more map - fu_devhops.

For such an occasion we decided to open another tournament of one map. You won't need any checkpoints, map consists of bhop parts rated as average-hard in accordance with our scale. All rules for nocp demos apply.

I remind you that there is a special upload for tournament demos (although so far the only one who missed the upload was me).

The prizes are the same as before. The first place will receive 8 dollars, the second 5 dollars, the third 3 dollars (without taking into account the tax).

Upload will be closed automatically at midnight by Moscow time from 4 to 5 March.

Lucky bhops to everyone!