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Offline Tournament 4 / Оффлайн турнир 4

Posted by Russian Federation Kpoluk 15 Apr 2018 in 17:18
More than a month has passed since the last tournament, and now we are ready to dilute releases with a concentrated attack on new maps. Yeah, this time we have two maps and both of them haven't been released anywhere yet! The exclusive provider is the administrator of Cosy-Climbing Jeronimo. More precisely, work on the maps was started by mapper named Counterparts, and Jeronimo took responsibility for the finalization. In this, both maps claimed to have a rush_ tag, and both got it. At what cost? Well, Jeronimo can not yet give an answer, he needs to retire after a month of tireless fulfillment of our whims. Meanwhile we present you a new map, rush_jeronimo:

This map is kinda easy and will be the main map of the tournament. It means that places will be given in accordance with the time of its passage, and the first three places will receive 8, 5 and 3 dollars, just as before. rush_jeronimo should be recorded without checkpoints! Additional tournament map is rush_brirom:

If the player from the first three also record rush_brirom, than he is entitled to a bonus. Demo with checkpints will bring him 2$ and demo without checkpoints 5$.

Upload will be closed automatically at midnight by Moscow time from 22 to 23 April. I remind you that you can see the rules of recording here, while demos should be uploaded in a special upload:

P. S. This week we have also added new maps from XJ release (except kzbg_ytt_pyramid since this is a single-room map with a texture hole and inconsistent design):


Also bkz_dqvolski_most was added, seems like it got lost when we added XJ maps.