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Summer Cup 1 Stage 1 + ROTW 12

Posted by lxr 26 Jul in 14:41
The first stage of our Summer cup is finished. There was 13 participants this time but this number was enough to make it very fun and interesting cup, mostly due to our new casters - iSo1 and round. Thanks them a lot for that. Of course this cup was not perfect especially due to some lags on the server, but we divided participants for two groups and problem was solved. Next time we will buy different server and hope that there will be no lags in the future. So, leaders of our first stage is:
1. topoviygus
2. promax
3. voX
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You can watch our youtube stream (russian language) by link below:
Youtube stream (russian language)

Special thanks to these persons:
suicide_mouse for invaluable help in testing and cup preparation
Creep for answers in the Youtube stream chat
Saverona for answers in the Youtube stream chat

Thanks to all who moderated messages in the chat and supported us by any different way. Huge thanks to all participants and we hope you will be participate in the next stages.

Besides the cup MaVo^ have made a ROTW for us. It's the first his work in this type of movies for us and he used akkuratist's run on the map kzm_fineblock which was released some time ago. Thanks him for the work and we hope to see another movies from him.