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Summer Cup 1 Stage 3

Posted by lxr 23 Aug in 14:30
So the third stage of our summer cup is finished, and this season is finished too. Our league will be continued in the end of September or in the October. Last stages we've been experimented with hard maps and there is very high chance that our map pool will be changed in future stages. By the way, all mapper's have very nice chance to make maps for our online cups and offline tournaments. All that they need is to make a map and upload it through our Submit map form. Now it's time to watch the results.

The winners of the Summer Cup is:
1. promax (1000 RUB)
2. topoviygus (800 RUB) и voX (800 RUB)
3. akkuratist (600 RUB)
Overall rating of the Summer Cup
Rating of the third stage
Rating of the second stage
Rating of the first stage

This time two players have second place, so they both will get corresponding prize from us.

Rating of the third stage by maps:

Streams and demos:
China Stream (chinese language)
Our primary Youtube stream(russian language)
HLTV Demos (26,71 MB)

Special thanks to:
suicide_mouse for help with testing and cup preparation, suggestions and constructive critics
round for the streaming to our primary Youtube channel, and China Stream for the chinese stream
TRENTCANTRELLE for the music
Creep for moderating our chat on the streams

This time we tried to complete all suggestions from our players and spectators. In any case we hope that our future cups will be much better, but we need your activity. More participants + more spectators + more chatbox messages (of course if it's not toxic) = more fun and more desire for us to continue work with community and cups.

Thanks to all who participate, help, donate us and watch our streams. Good luck and hope to see you in our future events.