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Players visibility. What are invis and semiclip?

Posted by Russian Federation Kpoluk 28 Jun 2018 in 17:41
Semiclip allows plyaer to go thourgh one another, so every player is able to pass a map without interfering with others. Moreover, in modern versions of semiclip players transparency depends on dinstance to them - closer players are more transparent:

If you want to hide all other players from visibility zone, you can use /invis chat command. This function is available both on our servers and on KZ-Rush LAN server (which can be downloaded here). After writing /invis you will see a menu, where two options allow you to hide players and water (if map has any). Water means any liquid, for example it could be lava like on kz_kzfr_rabbithighway. Here we have it:

And after pressing 2 it's gone:

Note that invis may have a positive effect on your fps, and what's more important using invis to hide water is forbidden while demo recording.