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Points System. VIP Levels.

Posted by Kpoluk 11 Nov 2017 in 15:54
KZ-Rush uses a points system, which allows our players to join Leagues and buy VIPs.

Points and Exp

For convenience, we introduce two parameters – Points and Exp. To make it easier to understand system’s workflow, let’s imagine that every player has a piggy bank. The size of the bank is defined by the number of Exp. Therefore when player finishes some map for the first time or moving up through the map’s top, he earns Exp, and the size of the bank is growing up. At the same time when player finishes any map (not necessarily improving his time), he earns coins (Points) and put them into the bank. However player cannot store more coins than bank can afford him. It means that amount of Points is always not more than Exp. All coins, which cannot be put into the bank, will be lost. We will talk about how one can spend coins a bit later.

Let’s consider particular numbers. Every place in Nub and Pro Tops on the server corresponds to specific amount of Exp, which are given to player:

If you finish a map for the first time and take 7 place in Pro Top, you will be given 24 Exp. And if you finish the map one more time and take 1 place in Pro Top, you will be given 6 more Exp, for a total of 30 Exp for the map. If someone outrun you and move to the 2 place, you will lose 1 Exp, so the total will be 29 Exp for the map.

Note that you will get 1 Exp for all places in Nub Top starting with 15 and lower, and 16 Exp for all places in Pro Top starting with 15 and lower. Therefore if you have 1 place in Nub Top (which gave you 15 Exp), and you have just taken 150 place in Pro Top, you will earn 1 more Exp. If someone outrun you in Nub Top, you won’t lose any Exp because you have a record in Pro Top.

Talking about Points, you will receive 10 Points after any map passing, plus to it exactly as much as you would earn Exp if you wouldn’t have any record. For example, suppose you have 1000 Exp and 980 Points (bank is almost full). You see that bkz_goldbhop is played on the server and you just don’t have a record on this map. You enter the server and finish it, reaching 11 place in Pro Top. For this you will be rewarded with 20 Exp and 30 (= 10 + 20) Points. Total is 1020 Exp (size of the bank has grown up) and 1010 Points (amount of coins has grown up). Then you improve you time, but still stay at 11 place in Pro Top. You won’t receive any Exp for such run, but you will get 30 Points. But as far as there were a place just for 10 Points in you bank, the total will be equal to 1020 Exp and 1020 Points (20 Points will be lost).

Besides server tops there are site tops, you can enter them by recording demo and uploading it with help of a special Upload Page. Points arithmetic of site tops is as absolutely the same as for Pro Tops of the server. The only exception is made for world records – they will get 30 Exp bonus. If there are 2 or more world records in site top, bonus will be given to the 1 place only. When record is no longer the world one, bonus is lost.

Exp (unlike Points) are not given for weapon records (which are not done with knife or usp or deagle) on servers, as well as for records with checkpoints on the site.


The more Exp you have, the higher you are in the rating. Depending on the amount of Exp all players are divided into groups:

Exp are less than 1337 – players without League
1337 Exp and more – Sapphire League,
3000 Exp and more – Emerald League,
5000 Exp and more – Ruby League,
12000 Exp and more – Kreedz Master.

League is shown in site profile, avatar is highlighted with a color of the corresponding jewel (blue sapphire, green emerald and red ruby), Kreedz Master is highlighted with violet. In order to go up in the rating you need to improve old runes and do new records.

Rating maps

To make the rating more fair, Exp are given only for those maps that have enough records – so called rating maps (at that Points are awarded for all maps, rating and non-rating). As soon as map becomes rating one, players who have record on it receive Exp in compliance with top place, getting notification on the site. You can see the star near the name of the rating map in records list and map’s profile.

The lower map’s difficulty is (specified in map’s profile), the more records are needed for it to become rating map. To be precise, the number of records is not counted, but the number of players who finished the map (i. e. records of one player in Pro and Nub Tops are counted as one). At the moment we use the following thresholds:

With all this going on you should understand that, for example, kz_kzfr_rabbithighway map on the server and kz_kzfr_rabbithighway[+1337] and kz_kzfr_rabbithighway[-1337] routes on the site are three different maps with relation to the system. Each of them has its own Top and becomes rating map independently of others.

How to get and spend Points?

Exp are earned for the rating and Points are earned to be spent. Every day you are granted 20 Points – this is some kind of allowance. Thus you bank is widen by itself. If at the same time you are passing maps the process of bank filling could be speeded up significantly. However when the amount of Points will reach the value of Exp, your bank becomes full and everyday allowance idles.

Let’s examine how earned Points could be spent:

1. Purchase VIP Level 1, 2, 3.

Every VIP is given for one month (30 days). VIP’s costs are exactly the same as Leagues thresholds:

1337 Points – VIP Level 1,
3000 Points – VIP Level 2,
5000 Points – VIP Level 3.

In case you have another VIP Level at the moment of purchase, the old VIP will be lost.

Besides mentioned three VIPs there are VIP Level 4, which is automatically given to Kreedz Master and cannot be bought. At the moment of giving out you bank becomes full (Points will be equal to Exp) and stays full regardless of how many Points you spend. If player ceases to be Kreedz Master he will lose his VIP Level 4.

Every Level gives an appointed set of rights on the site and servers:

All rights with exception of upload visibility and reserve slots are related to game servers, where are given after each map change. If you have purchased VIP while being on the server, in order to receive your rights just reconnect (write reconnect in console).

VIP Level 4 is able to extend map even after the vote for the next map is finished, other VIPs do not have this opportunity.

Gag blocks voice and text chat. You cannot gag players whose VIP Level is the same as yours or higher.

If there are more than 5 nominations for the map vote, the priority will be given to players with higher VIP Levels.

In case of abusing his position player will lose his VIP Level and ability to purchase VIP in future.

2. Change nick on the site.

For the first time you can change your nick for free, every next time will cost 500 Points more (500 Points for the second time, than 1000 Points, 1500 Points and so forth). Nevertheless we strongly recommend you to think properly before changing you nick (at least cause it affects your recognizability). If you will want to set your old nick and won’t have enough Points, administration won’t help you with that.

3. Upload old demos.

If you want to upload demos recorded before 2016, you should use a special upload. For each old demo player is written off 200 Points. Exp will be given as for regular release.