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[CS16] Release #159 - 25 new records + Movie + Maps

Posted by Kpoluk 31 Dec 2019 in 17:55
Happy New Year, jumpers! Thank you for staying with us all this time - you played on servers, wrote demos, created maps, participated in tournaments and events. As a reward now we give you some special content (presents), starting with our first New Year Movie!

There are both tricks and runs in the movie (first run was released earlier, other are new world records). This edit was done by me in a week, cause previous moviemaker removed all his recorded runs and cameras before fixing any stuff that we wanted from him. So, you can check his work on his channel here. I tried to create something similar but taking into account our own remarks. This two-versions situation is kind of unique for kz moviemaking, and I hope we'll be able to avoid such issues in future.

Now back to your presents. Some time ago we opened mappers contest, so here's 4 new winter maps that were uploaded to us. You can write your personal rating of them into comments section like this:

1. map
2. map
3. map
4. map

and one week later we'll sum up votes and define who is more winner and who is less. Do not record demos on them during this week, cause we might find new shortcuts and release fix verions.

And finally the last release of this year. We hope that next year will bring us less demos with +use script and wish you luck in your new records. Happy New Year, KZ-Rush!

P.S. New presents coming soon :)

Norway Creep

pprn_rainbowbhop done in 04:15.35 1 place 30 Exp Watch

Russian Federation DON_SIMON

bhop_reys done in 02:24.24 (01:42.74 Latvia additional) 3 place 28 Exp Watch
hb_Camy done in 03:57.17 (01:59.42 Bhutan chorogons) 2 place 29 Exp Watch
jro_goldbhop done in 02:14.37 (01:52.73 Bulgaria tasi) 2 place 29 Exp Watch
kzsk_polarrooms done in 07:35.66 1 place 30 Exp Watch
p3_speed done in 13:01.21 1 place 30 Exp Watch
pyk_egyptianez done in 08:49.50 1 place 30 Exp Watch
smk_trainstation done in 02:24.79 (01:31.69 Iceland rawe) 5 place 26 Exp Watch

United Kingdom Scrumpy-J

kz_hb_fykseN done in 10:47.37 WR! 1 place 50 Exp Watch

Russian Federation flajok

kz_shrubhop_ez done in 01:10.26 (01:00.34 Germany wayz) 4 place 1 Exp Watch

Argentina g4st0n

bhop_darkstars done in 01:54.89 (02:12.96 Estonia c0c0n) 1 place 30 Exp Watch

Heard and Mc Donald Islands HaMMa

kzru_silo done in 04:44.60 WR! 1 place 50 Exp Watch

Algeria IsLaM123

kzra_greycliff done in 03:59.66 (03:20.75 Belarus taipan) 2 place 29 Exp Watch

Bulgaria Kris

kztw_jumprun3 done in 05:38.07 (03:14.86 Norway Creep) 3 place 28 Exp Watch

Lithuania MEEL

bkz_europa done in 02:51.36 WR! (03:17.74 Russian Federation silentq) 1 place 60 Exp Watch
kzlt_tinycliff done in 02:11.97 WR! (02:42.95 Russian Federation Sm1T) 1 place 60 Exp Watch
sector_speedfactory done in 01:37.74 WR! 1 place 60 Exp Watch

Iceland rawe

sp1_fragments6 done in 02:09.34 WR! (02:16.65 Iceland rawe) 1 place 30 Exp Watch

Russian Federation S_R

ph_slide_space done in 01:45.68 1 place 30 Exp Watch
slide_svn_unextreme done in 02:28.20 (02:51.57 Slovakia Qicg) 1 place 1 Exp Watch

Russian Federation Sly

kzro_castle done in 02:02.79 (03:28.23 Russian Federation popojopik) 1 place 30 Exp Watch

Japan vadimzoredd

jhf_sandybhop done in 04:21.80 (03:25.31 Serbia promax) 2 place 29 Exp Watch
kolobok done in 01:56.76 (02:00.41 Russian Federation S_R) 1 place 30 Exp Watch
mst_dusthop done in 02:14.71 (02:16.31 Georgia vennsli) 1 place 30 Exp Watch
sdmz_papillon_e done in 01:52.21 1 place 20 Exp Watch
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