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[CS16] Offline Tournament #16 + maps + Checkpoints release

Posted by Kpoluk 11 Oct in 17:47
It has been a long time since our last Offline Tournament, so let's shake things up on the new community map mls_various by mls:

This map is a bit harder than previous tournament maps, but I believe that level of our players is growing up along with KZ-Rush, so average difficulty should be passable for most of them.

As usual there is a special tournament upload. The last day when demos are still accepted is October, 18.

All rules for demos without checkpoints apply. Prizes are the same - first three places receive 500, 300 and 200 rubles, all participants get VIPs.

This is not the only new KZ-Rush map, we also add all1_hb_mls_m by blackfury to the Hard server. Don't be fooled by the name, it's not just an easy version of all1_hb_mls, but a whole fresh original map.

And the third exclusive today is kzpf_research by PreFect which was added to the Extreme server. Besides bhop and climb sections you will find there a curious innovation - dd stages. Its blocks become solid only for a moment, forcing player to use ducks on them. Let's see how viable this idea will be on our servers, maybe this is a whole new trend of hard maps.

Finally here are 6 demos with checkpoints (by the way it turned out that hb_dislike_d cannot be finished without mpbhop, so now it's the only route available for recording).


kz_dare done in 08:50.97 (132 CP, 94 GC) 1 place
prochallenge2_mix done in 10:22.19 (206 CP, 67 GC) (09:32.39 sekai) 3 place


bhop_ray done in 02:58.37 (47 CP, 18 GC) (03:07.82 vadimzoredd) 1 place


kzblt_dx_blueshadow2 done in 30:06.21 (437 CP, 402 GC) (15:42.04 Creep) 2 place


sec-room_x done in 13:39.92 (209 CP, 247 GC) (18:09.79 Igor_S.) 1 place


dyd_hb_throttle done in 02:55.65 (82 CP, 76 GC) (02:58.89 inspare) 1 place
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