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[CS16] Checkpoints release + Maps

Posted by Kpoluk 20 Aug 2023 in 19:09
This week we're adding a community map 5oXen_hb_QingC by 5oXen, which represents a row of bhops and slides around four columns. TyIIIkA helped the mapper to complicate the internal structure of the columns, using them in the process of passing. Difficulty is mostly hard, but due to several places it is raised to hard-extreme, the duration is short. This is the first map from 5oXen in our upload, we will wait for new creations in his performance.

Also this time we have a special case, the map hb_theyambo from mex1337 does not become a community map, but it will be temporarily added to the servers, and subsequently remain available for passage on the VIP server. The issue is that it is first time when 1-fog only bhops were used on kz map. We allow the use of random elements like jumpbug for alternative routes, but they cannot be mandatory for passage. In general, the gameplay of kz has a lot of near-random mechanics, and we are forced to draw a demarcation line here, since we consider it impossible to guarantee control over the amount of fogs. By the way, it is also the source of our recommendations for extreme maps, in which, for example, we ask you not to make bhop sections, the difficulty of which lies only in the fact that blocks are placed at the maximum possible distance from each other.

However, you have the opportunity to try this mechanic on the server. We would like to thank our mapcheckers who spent their energy on finalizing and checking the map.


cius_mansory done in 24:07.50 (233 CP, 699 GC) 1 place
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