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[CS16] Checkpoints release

Posted by Kpoluk 24 Mar in 16:28
Now you can use fast noclip on our servers (similar to how it was done for lan, on Shift + W). Also here are some news on maps accumulated over the last month:

wxii_7rooms – in a personal message the mapper said that duckbug can be used instead of jumpbug at the end of the first room. This way is indeed less randomness, but random is still present to a large extent, and therefore I repeat for the fifth time that such elements should not be used as mandatory for passing. The map has been added, but there will be no more exceptions in this matter.

mb_moon – a month ago the map was updated again, several large shortcuts were fixed then. Here as well I’ll remind you once again that for new maps significant shortcuts must be reported. Server records are cleared up to the last correction made.

kz_frostbite – the map was unavailable on servers for a long time due to problems in ReHLDS, but now you can do server records on it again.

kz_construction – moved to the Average server, difficulty reduced to average.


hfr_302 done in 16:00.80 (333 CP, 294 GC) 1 place


qcg_arid done in 19:35.58 (270 CP, 433 GC) 1 place


imkz_ivory done in 03:25.35 (171 CP, 64 GC) (05:00.65 vLy) 1 place


kzua_mk_posteriori_d[mpbhop] done in 57:02.31 (1175 CP, 925 GC) (61:13.11 all1aNcE) 1 place
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