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KZ-Rush Cup Stage 2: Checkpoints - Registration

Posted by Kpoluk 12 Nov in 19:20

We are opening registration for the second cup! The games will take place on hard-extreme and extreme maps, selected based on voting results.

Cup initiators: koala, kyrlik-myrlik, topoviygus.

Prizes of the first cup (paid by koala, for commission-free transfers you will need to create a crypto wallet):
first place - 400$
second place - 220$
third place - 150$
forth place - 120$
fifth place - 110$

Date and time:
qualifiers - November 18, 17:00 Moscow time (UTC+3)
double elimination - November 19, 17:00 Moscow time (UTC+3)

Qualifiers take place on 6 maps according to our rating scheme. We divide all participants into groups of approximately 10 people. The first group plays all 6 map, then the second, etc.

Read details

  • Each map is played once.
  • After map change you will see menu where you should confirm that you are ready. As soon as everyone is ready, cup admin initiates start. You don't need to press start button, but you have to press the finish (unless maximum time has expired).
  • There are hidden checkpoints placed all over the map (your progress won't reset even if you fall back). If maximum map time is over and you haven't reached the finish, server will suppose that you passed the map with maximum time plus some addition, based on the number of remaining checkpoints. If more than one player have the same last checkpoint, server will take in consideration the order of reaching it.
  • If you die then you will be teleported somewhere at the middle of your path (number of last checkpoint is divided by two).
  • Passing time will be automatically turned into points just like on main servers (article about points system). Points on maps (and on cups) are summed. At the end of the season players will take prizes.

Maps for qualifiers (with maximum times on each)

cd_2333 (10 minutes)
fu_extreme (10 minutes)
chip_bhopnoob_x (13 minutes)
hb_ShoCk (20 minutes)
v4r_intensity (30 minutes)
fu_insane (20 minutes)

Based on the results of the qualifiers, the 8 best players advance to the double elimination, which takes place on 6 sets if 5 maps each. Before the start of the match, two opponents cross out one map each from a special menu, then they play on the remaining three. The first one to score two wins is considered the winner of the match.

Note. Based on the results of feedback from the participants of the first cup, the cross out scheme will change. This time, the player who has more points in rating will cross out first (if the number of points is equal, the player will be chosen randomly by the plugin). In the first round, the advantage will be given to the one who performed better in the qualifiers; then the chance to gain an advantage will be greater for those who complete more maps or score more points with an equal number of maps.

Bracket maps

Round 1
all1_unusually (12 minutes)
dyd_onlime (10 minutes)
fu_xtremeblock (10 minutes)
kz_synergy_x (9 minutes)
kzblt_dx_blueshadow2 (13 minutes)

Round 2 + Round 1 in lower bracket
cd_climb (18 minutes)
kzro_blueblock (8 minutes)
hama_hb_all1aNce (25 minutes)
cd_2333_v2 (15 minutes)
ffy_kenzo (9 minutes)

Round 3 + Round 2 in lower bracket
hb_galya (9 minutes)
hfr_302 (13 minutes)
abu_hb_MishaVision (11 minutes)
hfr_refuge (15 minutes)
kzua_mk_illumina_h (30minutes)

Round 4 + Round 3 in lower bracket
abu_hb_all1aNce (12 minutes)
abu_hb_dropzone (12 minutes)
kzz_bhop (12 minutes)
mojito_hb_paslalala_ez (15 minutes)
hb_cauture (15 minutes)

Round 4 in lower bracket
imkz_tsfh (15 minutes)
kzru_technology_x (10 minutes)
sec-room_x (15 minutes)
dyd_hb_throttle (7 minutes)
ffy_hb_tipsy (7 minutes)

Spare Round
hb_t1mef (15 minutes)
hfr_hb_all1ance (17 minutes)
kzblt_dx_mercy (10 minutes)
kzua_zp_hamunaptra_x (13 minutes)
qcg_arid (20 minutes)

If you want to participate, write “+” or “I'm in” in the comments to this newspost.
Also make sure you've bound your Steam ID to the site account.