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Offline Tournament #10 + Adding maps

Posted by Russian Federation Kpoluk 4 Aug in 18:20
Hi guys, this week we want to open our tenth offline tournament, and it's going to be special. Our last community maps were too hard or too long for tournament, so we decided to use already released map. This is hb_HaMMa made by our tester Armenia all1aNce. Alhtough it was released less than a month ago on cosy, Tunisia HaMMa and Armenia all1aNce himself have done good runs on it, so they won't be able to participate. But we don't want to offend them. This time Armenia all1aNce will get 30 rubles for every participant. In other words, from now on mappers will get prizes as well as participants. And we'll get one of Tunisia HaMMa's map for some of the next tournaments.

All rules for nocp demos apply.

As always, there is a special upload for tournament demos:

First place will get 500 rubles, the second 300 rubles and the third 200 rubles (1$ is about 66 rubles at the moment). All participants will get VIP 1 for two weeks (or prolongation in case someone already has it).

You have one week, the last day when upload is still opened is August 11. Good luck!

We have a few more news besides tournament. First, blocking of new round in our LAN server was fixed, infinite round plugin required a few more settings to change. Secondly, we've updated both mappacks. At that they include maps from the new portion of checked cosy maps. There are also kz_indusrun and ccn_scourge2 from the last XJ map release, but kzra_slidepuf will be checked later and kzra_axn_rockloy seems to have dead end in lava in the middle of the map, and mapper didn't fixed it yet.

Hard maps

kzlu_oldtextres - wrong visibility range
mls_long - another map with blocks from 220 to 250, which is pure imbalance, but at least it has enough of climb

Average maps

hb_HaMMa - one cannot back from finish to the start by map means only
kzcn_ml_climb_01 - imbalanced jump in the first room; head is bumping an invisible ceiling; large texture conflict on the water; file spark.wad was added to the archive
kzcn_ml_mountez - wrong visibility range; inaccurate brush docking; one of the blocks is shifted from the rock and flies in the air
kzcn_ml_mounthard - wrong visibility range; flying block; a few imbalanced jumps
kzcn_mlcanyon - inaccurate brush docking led to invisible obstacles along the walls
kzcn_mount - texture conflicts on cliffs; inaccurate brush docking led to invisible obstacles along the walls
kzcn_mountain - falling at the end is evidently harder than other jumps
kzcn_niub - difficulty imbalance
kzcn_simen_jump_01 - one block was copied several dozen times along with double texture conflict it has; inaccurate brush docking
kzcn_simen_jump_02 - here the same jump is repeated many times as well; a few imbalanced places; earthen blocks are placed on stone walls and stone blocks on earthen walls, that's doubtful example of texturing; lightning without visible sources
kzcn_simen_jumper - inaccurate brush docking; clip brush blocking sc; one can see NULL textures of neighbouring levels
Kzcn_tomhop - wrong angles of teleports
kzlu_easybhop - unobvious teleports on bhop falling; different name of bsp file
kzlu_eAsyclimb teleport to the room with bhop is not decorated (it's interesting that teleport on bhop stage leads to the finish button, seems like mapper wanted to frighten newbies with hard bhops)
kzlu_fj_dustclimb - bhop blocks textured the same way as others; for some reason in the end mapper increased difficulty with several lj blocks, separated by clip brushes
kzlu_mjm_climb_v2 - 225 hj with short prestrafe is obviously imbalanced
kzlu_stoneclimb - wrong visibility range
kzru_hopblock_e - lightning without visible sources; non-decorated teleports; flying blocks
kzru_minehop - not a single top of bhop blocks touches the teleports; 3 bhop-ljs closer to the end
kzru_stormblock - what was the point of the teleport at the beginning?
kzsca_caveh0p - incorrect assembling of archive; wrong angles of teleports
kzsca_colorblock - teleports are not designed
kzsca_highgrass - difficulty imbalance; no hp booster
kzsca_sonic_e - texure conflicts on bhop blocks; one can see NULL textures of tunnels
kzsca_tess - texure conflicts on bhop blocks
kzsk_lte_downup - one cannot back from finish to the start by map means only
kzsk_oldchimney - one cannot back from finish to the start by map means only

Rejected maps

kzcn_washroom - dead end in the basket, a few huge texture conflicts
kzsk_greecblock - one cannot back from finish to the start by map means only; start field ruins the whole map - one can see NULL textures of the first room from the respawn and NULL textures of respawn from the first room
kzcn_xyy_easyclimb_v2 - designed with two (and even with one on higher levels) textures
kzru_forestclimb - poorly designed, large texture conflict on one of the rocks; a lot of recurring jumps, rooms themselves have very similar structure
kzcn_nc_gobhop - no hp booster; blocks flying in the air; one teleport for the whole first half of the map; rooms have no main theme; one cannot back from finish to the start by map means only; I was unable to find nc_n0000n.wad, so even just to play the map I had to edit bsp; too many problems for such a short map
kzcn_pyramidblock - mapper took kzcn_climaxtrip, replaced one bhop stage with boost jump and inserted a pyramid from bkz_pyramidblock with one extra mini-stage instead of teleport at the center. At that camera movement from kzcn_climaxtrip was completely copyed without even changing map's name on the texture
kzru_waterbhop - one cannot back from finish to the start by map means only; besides texture conflicts on bhop blocks there is a huge conflict of water and rock textures; some strange invisible water areas at the beginning
kzlu_mjm_climb_z - too short (one small room)