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Offline Tournament #13

Posted by lxr 9 Jan in 18:07
Hi all. Russian Federation lxr is here. Some time ago we started voting for the new year/snow maps which was released before holidays. Althrough there was not so many players who voted, its time to show the results (how i calculated it):

Today we had to make a few changes to the rush_rockwin, so re-download it if you already have it on your disk.

Big thanks to all mappers for the participation in the event. Also we glad to thank all who look at this maps and voted. We hope that these maps will become an attribute of the New Year holidays in the future.

Long time ago well known Russian Federation Jeronimo. uploaded through our "Submit map form" a new map based on the oldschool game Heavy Metal: F.A.K.K.² - rush_cemetery. Now its ready and we can present it for you. By the way, today the author of this map celerates his birthday, so let's congratulate him together. From us we wish him success in his work, good luck and good health.

The map turned out to be quite large and not quite suitable for our format of offline tournaments, despite this I decided to start the tournament. But to compensate size of the map, we will give this time 2 weeks to record demos instead of one. The last day we accept the demos is January 26th. I wish you all good luck and fun :)