Kreedz Jumping

Game mode when you racing with other players to finish a maps as fast as possible. Its comes from Counter-Strike 1.6 and was named in honor of creator
Our community will help you with passing the maps with your friends, set new records, participate and win in tournaments.

Last server records
Pro Nub

Релиз #46 - 19 новых рекордов

Posted by Russian Federation Xednay 29 Sep 2017 in 14:57


slide_svn_space_ezdone in 02:28.92(06:15.24 Dinokzpat)1 place+30 MP Watch


bhop_aeonfluxdone in 00:43.00(00:44.62 Creep)1 place+0 MP Watch
ksz_jumpnduckdone in 00:59.01(**:**.** )1 place+30 MP Watch
kz_kzsca_heaven2done in 02:29.34(03:44.31 Qalwin)1 place+30 MP Watch


fs_slide_bigdone in 05:51.39(**:**.** )1 place+30 MP Watch
slide_cobkz_towndone in 00:34.94(**:**.** )1 place+30 MP Watch


kzlt_rainhopdone in 01:16.22(01:20.28 Creep)1 place+30 MP Watch


kzlt_rainhopdone in 01:18.33(01:20.28 Creep)2 place+29 MP Watch
nz_stonetowndone in 00:45.23(00:43.55 Dolphin)3 place+28 MP Watch


kzlt_rainhopdone in 01:20.24(01:20.28 Creep)3 place+28 MP Watch


cg_coldbhop_v2_hdone in 00:58.43(01:06.86 Creep)1 place+60 MP WR! Watch


kzlt_blockmaniadone in 02:37.53(03:16.87 Qalwin)1 place+30 MP Watch


slide_kzbr_hastydone in 01:16.65(**:**.** )1 place+30 MP Watch


slide_kzbr_hastydone in 01:24.38(**:**.** )2 place+29 MP Watch
slide_jagkz_feradone in 01:33.83(01:25.76 FLAMETHROWER)3 place+28 MP Watch


kz_kzsca_pyramid_ezdone in 03:59.31(04:05.00 MEfro)1 place+30 MP WR! Watch


j2s_westbl0ckdone in 02:59.65(03:04.21 rawe)1 place+1 MP Watch
kz_j2s_darktowerdone in 01:37.21(**:**.** )1 place+30 MP Watch
kz_xj_caseblock_edone in 02:25.80(02:28.25 KUQi)1 place+30 MP Watch

Rejected demos
kzlt_rainhop_dropzone_0117.20.rar - +use script

Релиз #45 - 20 новых рекордов

Posted by Russian Federation Xednay 21 Sep 2017 in 17:11


bhop_aeonfluxdone in 00:44.62(**:**.** )1 place+30 MP Watch
cg_coldbhop_v2_hdone in 01:06.86(**:**.** )1 place+30 MP Watch
kzlt_rainhopdone in 01:20.28(**:**.** )1 place+30 MP Watch


cg_islandsdone in 00:54.43(01:05.06 Kalashnikov)1 place+60 MP WR! Watch
dg_winterclimbdone in 00:54.17(00:54.85 Dolphin)1 place+30 MP WR! Watch
jagkz_breezeclimbdone in 01:12.48(01:13.12 Dolphin)1 place+30 MP WR! Watch
kz_anubisdone in 02:38.58(02:42.46 Dolphin)1 place+30 MP WR! Watch
kz_cg_xtremedesertdone in 03:08.18(03:10.57 Dolphin)1 place+30 MP WR! Watch
kz_hopezdone in 02:42.86(02:43.52 Dolphin)1 place+40 MP WR! Watch
kz_synergydone in 02:03.25(02:04.40 Dolphin)1 place+30 MP WR! Watch


daza_dimensionjumperdone in 07:55.20(**:**.** )1 place+30 MP Watch


bkz_goldbhopdone in 01:35.20(01:28.77 wayz)6 place+0 MP Watch
cg_cbblebhopdone in 01:56.63(01:14.68 Dolphin)7 place+24 MP Watch
dyd_horizondone in 16:00.60(07:47.53 GoDfreee)2 place+29 MP Watch


fof_chillbhopdone in 01:37.90(01:04.25 Dolphin)8 place+23 MP Watch
fu_bhopdone in 05:30.42(02:47.17 korban)3 place+28 MP Watch
j2s_4floorsdone in 03:19.21(02:16.80 korban)6 place+25 MP Watch
kzlt_blockmaniadone in 03:16.87(**:**.** )1 place+30 MP Watch
kz_kzsca_heaven2done in 03:44.31(**:**.** )1 place+30 MP Watch


k0untr0N_2012done in 01:54.34(**:**.** )1 place+30 MP Watch

Релиз #44 - 20 новых рекордов

Posted by Russian Federation Xednay 18 Sep 2017 in 18:54


kz_man_climbersxpdone in 17:37.12(**:**.** )1 place+30 MP Watch


dg_winterclimbdone in 00:54.85(00:56.53 Dolphin)1 place+10 MP Watch
kz_anubisdone in 02:42.46(02:53.57 MEfro)1 place+30 MP Watch


kz-endo_slide_svn_muffinslides_mdone in 06:22.31(07:40.19 Kalashnikov)1 place+30 MP Watch
kz-endo_slide_svn_steep_edone in 02:42.30(04:21.87 Dinokzpat)1 place+30 MP Watch
slide_sv_brick2done in 00:22.31(00:23.31 Dinokzpat)1 place+30 MP Watch


dyd_paintskilldone in 01:06.10(01:07.61 merc)1 place+1 MP Watch
kzex_lightspace_hdone in 01:17.32(**:**.** )1 place+30 MP Watch
kzfr_speed_bhopbloc_hdone in 02:21.57(03:37.07 MEfro)1 place+30 MP Watch
kz_kzus_mountaincrestdone in 06:58.75(**:**.** )1 place+30 MP Watch
underground_clantestdone in 03:53.73(**:**.** )1 place+30 MP Watch


kz_airmountaindone in 03:14.24(**:**.** )1 place+30 MP Watch


bhkz_bronzebhopdone in 01:36.23(01:11.42 Dolphin)9 place+22 MP Watch


bhop_radmafdone in 02:22.87(02:20.56 Creep)2 place+29 MP Watch
bkz_aztecbhopdone in 01:34.60(01:34.57 rze)2 place+29 MP Watch
bkz_goldbhop_hdone in 02:06.92(02:02.20 MEfro)4 place+27 MP Watch
ins_ancientbhopdone in 01:06.47(02:13.13 Kalashnikov)1 place+30 MP Watch
kzarg_darkcavedone in 01:44.83(**:**.** )1 place+30 MP Watch
kz_ins_bhoptowndone in 02:57.70(**:**.** )1 place+30 MP Watch
risk_sectordone in 01:15.95(**:**.** )1 place+30 MP Watch

Релиз #43 - 23 новых рекорда

Posted by Russian Federation lxr 13 Sep 2017 in 10:20


bhop_ytt_egyptdone in 04:16.58(**:**.** )1 place+30 MP Watch
bkz_goldbhop_hdone in 02:13.31(02:02.20 MEfro)4 place+27 MP Watch
cg_d2block_ezdone in 03:31.04(03:48.34 dislike)1 place+0 MP Watch
dspc_egyptdone in 00:55.47(00:53.48 Creep)2 place+3 MP Watch
j2s_4tunnelsdone in 04:06.83(03:38.13 korban)4 place+2 MP Watch
kzba_hophopdone in 02:42.91(02:42.13 WERANCE)2 place+29 MP Watch
kzru_pharaonrundone in 01:59.95(01:54.94 intrider)5 place+26 MP Watch
kz_jumprundone in 01:01.30(00:51.45 Dolphin)3 place+6 MP Watch
kz_kzsca_sewerbhopdone in 04:42.95(04:41.17 Xavi)2 place+29 MP Watch
kz_shrubhop_ezdone in 01:21.77(01:00.34 wayz)5 place+26 MP Watch
kz_shrubhop_hdone in 01:28.77(01:18.51 Dolphin)7 place+1 MP Watch
slide_jagkz_feradone in 01:34.54(01:25.76 FLAMETHROWER)3 place+28 MP Watch


kzru_pharaonrundone in 01:45.97(01:54.94 intrider)1 place+30 MP Watch
jagkz_breezeclimbdone in 01:13.12(01:13.95 Dolphin)1 place+10 MP Watch
kz_cg_xtremedesertdone in 03:10.57(03:15.96 Dolphin)1 place+0 MP Watch
kz_synergydone in 02:04.40(02:13.01 Nemiroff)1 place+30 MP Watch


slide_jagkz_feradone in 01:30.31(01:25.76 FLAMETHROWER)2 place+0 MP Watch
kzfr_speed_bhopbloc_hdone in 03:37.07(**:**.** )1 place+30 MP Watch
kzsca_heavendone in 02:11.81(02:13.29 MEfro)1 place+0 MP Watch


kz-endo_slide_svn_muffinslides_mdone in 07:40.19(**:**.** )1 place+30 MP Watch


dyd_paintskilldone in 01:07.61(01:07.68 Kalashnikov)1 place+30 MP Watch


cg_coldbhop_v2done in 01:10.44(00:55.67 Dolphin)11 place+20 MP Watch
kz_dbh_pipehopdone in 03:05.32(01:54.84 KUQi)5 place+26 MP Watch

Rejected demos
vee_mojave_3pnjj_0233.34.rar - +use script

Релиз #42 - 19 новых рекордов

Posted by Russian Federation Xednay 9 Sep 2017 in 09:44


kzsca_watertempledone in 02:18.05(02:33.58 KUQi)1 place+60 MP WR! Watch
nz_stonetowndone in 00:43.55(00:45.21 rze)1 place+30 MP Watch


bhop_ytt_neon_lightdone in 06:42.28(**:**.** )1 place+30 MP Watch
bkz_factorydone in 02:59.81(03:32.16 dislike)1 place+30 MP Watch
dyd_paintskilldone in 01:07.68(01:09.14 swatter)1 place+1 MP Watch
ins_ancientbhopdone in 02:13.13(**:**.** )1 place+30 MP Watch
kz_ins_trainrundone in 02:55.29(03:14.92 taipan)1 place+30 MP Watch
kz_stb_sewagedone in 02:40.57(**:**.** )1 place+30 MP Watch
nobkz_bhopdone in 03:13.84(**:**.** )1 place+30 MP Watch
qsk_fractureddone in 10:16.85(**:**.** )1 place+30 MP Watch
slide_colorsdone in 03:54.36(**:**.** )1 place+30 MP Watch
xj_ap_matsuodone in 01:42.60(01:43.85 erdik)1 place+30 MP Watch


kz_synergydone in 02:13.01(02:20.35 WhereIsMyPanda)1 place+30 MP Watch


kz_jumprundone in 01:06.84(00:51.45 Dolphin)6 place+25 MP Watch


cg_lighthopsdone in 03:08.67(02:12.03 korban)6 place+25 MP Watch
fof_daledone in 00:57.18(00:38.10 Creep)9 place+22 MP Watch
kz_soladone in 02:08.15(01:29.11 Nemiroff)3 place+28 MP Watch
kz_xj_mountezdone in 02:07.44(01:16.80 Dolphin)6 place+25 MP Watch

Rejected demos
slide_sv_brick2_FLAMETHROWER_0022.87.rar - +use script
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