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Posted by Kpoluk 26 Dec 2018 in 18:27
Besides Kreedz servers we have a specific one that combines elements of HNS (Hide-and-Seed) mod and Zombie Biohazard. In normal HNS player has to wait until new round beginning after he died and this is kinda tiring. In addition, dying from accidental fall is not a very pleasant thing to be honest. So we've managed to engage in game all players. How? Well, let's see:

  • At the beginning of round half of players are randomly infected. Zombie get bloody knife, ct get frost grenade with freezing ability up to 4 seconds (depends on how close it had exploded).
  • If ct has less than 50 hp after zombie's hit, he becomes infected. Zombie receives antidote for every infection. To use it just bind +hook command to any button (I've deliberately chosen standard kz bind).
  • Round ends either when 3 minutes past or when there is no more ct (the last one is killed). Antidotes are reseted in a new round.
  • While moving ct gets 1$ every second. Zombie gets 10$ for the first infected ct, then his sum doubles for every infection. At the end of the round, when using antidote, and when you are infected, money turns into Points. These are the same kz Points that we use in our rating system (don't mess with Exp). Formula is simple: Points = Money / 10. The remainder of the division is lost.
  • If zombie lost more than 20 hp after falling, he loses his knife up to 4 seconds (depends on how many hp he lost). And ct loses 1$ for every lost hp.
  • You can't die after falling - minimum health is 1 hp. However pseudo death happens - ct loses all his money and, if lost more than 20 hp, is freezed up to 4 seconds. Zombie in case of pseudo death loses 10$.
  • You can hit with both right and left mouse buttons. At that hurted player feels no slowdown.
Work is still in process, so if you found some bugs, write in chat, thourgh Feedback form or in steam. We wish you enjoyable game!