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Additional functions of LAN server

Posted by Kpoluk 31 Mar 2019 in 08:32
If you are already familiar with basic commands of LAN server and Settings menu, but still want to know more about capabilities of our LAN, this article is for you.

Table of contents:

Additional settings
VIP Menu and Voting
Tops and Shortcuts
KZ-Rush Bot
Entity highlight
Measure time between two positions

Additional settings

Most of the cvars from config ...\cstrike\addons\amxmodx\configs\kz_demo.cfg can be changed through Settings Menu (detailed information is given here). Article about demo recording mentions the most important cvar kz_mode (demo recording mode) and another helpful cvar kz_name). And there are a few more cvars in kz_demo.cfg.

As you may know, we accept demos with checkpoints on some maps. Demo recording rules for them are a bit different, for example you are allowed to use special nightvision, not affecting player's fps. It can be enabled with cvar kz_newnightvision (by default it's 0, i.e. standard nightvision used).

Cvar kz_semiclip gives to players an ability to go through each other. If you with your friend want to finish 2man map, you will need to disable it by using kz_semiclip 0. Also you can change the distance starting from which players become translucent with cvar kz_transparency_radius (its range is from 0 to 250, where 0 means disabling translucency).

Speed of hook can be changed with kz_hookspeed (by default 500), and its color is defined by cvars kz_hook_red, kz_hook_green, kz_hook_blue (by default 0, 255, 0, i.e. greeen). If you set 0, 0, 0, hook's color will be random every frame.

By default our LAN server removes all entities like game_player_equip (give grenades and weapons) and player_weaponstrip (take away all weapons). But if you want to keep them on map, use kz_remove_equip 0.

If cvar kz_speclist is set to 0, list of spectators will be turned off when you join the server (you can turn it on/off later with chat command /speclist), and its color can be changed with cvars kz_spec_red, kz_spec_green, kz_spec_blue (by default 255, 255, 255 i.e. white). Horizontal position of the list is defined kz_spec_x, and vertical position by kz_spec_y_alive for alive players and kz_spec_y_dead for spectators (range is from 0.0 to 1.0, -1 means center alignment).

Also if kz_speckeys is set to 0, you won't see pressed button while being spectator (you can turn it on/off later with chat command /speckeys). Same logic stands for kz_showkeys but for alive players (you can turn it on/off later with chat command /showkeys).

Besides mentioned there are a few bot cvars, we'll talk about them below. You can find brief description of all cvars in file kz_demo_info[EN].txt (in the same folder as config).

VIP Menu and Voting

VIP Menu on LAN server is similar to our public version. You can call it from the Main Menu or by typing /vip:

From here you can mute (Gag Menu), ban (Ban Menu) and teleport (Teleport Menu) to the certain player. By the way, if you want to teleport another player to you, just use standard AXMM console command amx_teleportmenu.

In amxx.cfg (placed in ...\cstrike\addons\amxmodx\configs) among other settings you can find duration of map in minutes: mp_timelimit 0. Zero value means there is no time limit. That's why item Extend Map for 15 minutes in VIP menu is disabled. Nevertheless, you still can Force RTV.

If you use nonzero mp_timelimit, there will be a voting before map change. Maps for the voting are taken from file \cstrike\addons\amxmodx\data\maps.txt. At the first server launch all maps from cstrike/maps folder are written in this file. If later you start some map that won't be found in maps.txt, it will be updated automatically. Besides this file has one more function - if you use wrong case in map name while changing it (for example changelevel hb_shock instead of changelevel hb_ShoCk), than server will notice the mismatch with maps.txt and correct you.

Tops and Shortcuts

Top10 on LAN server can be opened with commands /top, /pro, /nub and allows to track your best times on maps. You could see settings of Top10 on the last page of Settings Menu. Note that runs with hook, noclip and pause (yeah, you can /pause timer while not recording demo) will not get into Top10. By the way you as an owner of LAN server can save his position and time (command /save) in order to load it (command /load) and continue later, and such run won't lose its chance to get into top.

If you want to compare you run with site and public server times, use command /records. Also you can check shortcuts with /sc . Actually, both of these commands just show different tabs of map profile from our site.

KZ-Rush Bot

On our LAN you can create the same bot as you saw on our public servers. Moreover, it can be controlled with menu called by /bot command:

First five items allow you to stop, speed up and down, rewind and start from the beginning. Eighths item will create or remove bot, and seventh item determine which bot all mentioned actions are applied to. Sixths item is bot settings:

1. Download New Bots (cvar kz_bot_download) - allow downloading of bots from our special server. If this is On, at server launch one or more .nav files are downloaded into folder ...\cstrike\addons\amxmodx\data\kzbot\mapname. The default is Off, i. e. nothing will be downloaded. After turning this setting on you should choose 7. Save Settings and relaunch LAN server (command restart in console). Then you will be able to create bot through /bot menu.

2. Remove Old Bots (cvar kz_bot_removeold) - if first setting is enabled, this one defines whether old .nav files should be saved. The default is Off, meaning old files will be automatically deleted.

3. Show only New Bots (cvar kz_bot_showonlynew) - if second setting is in Off state, this one defines whether old bots are available to control through the menu. The default is Off, i. e. even if old files are saved, they won't get in the way in menu.

4. Create on Connect (cvar kz_bot_autocreate) - creates bots automatically on map start (if there are any). The default is Off, so creating is done through the menu.

5. Execute use command (cvar kz_bot_usecmd) - allow to execute +use command, so bot will be able to press button (alhough buttons won't trigger any actions). The default is Off.

6. Sync with Start Timer (cvar kz_bot_sync) - if player pressed start button in demo, it can be synchronized with yours. It means that when you press button bot will start his run with you. If player pressed button a few times, synchronization may be not quite accurate. You can help plugin to understand which pressing actually started the timer - just enable fifth setting and wait for the chat message "Bot found real start, now you can sync with it". The default is Off.

Note that bots won't be created automatically for demo archives with incorrect names. Thereby you may have a need to create your own .nav file. To do this just put a demo into cstrike, relaunch LAN, open /bot menu and choose 9. Parse Demo. You will see a menu where you can select your demo. When creating of .nav file is finished, just run your LAN on corresponding map and create a bot. At that you should disable settings Remove Old Bots (othewise your .nav will be considered as old bot and will be deleted) and Show only New Bots (otherwise your bot won't be accessible through the menu).

Note: it's forbidden to use bot during demo recording.

Entity highlight

Sometimes you need to find specific objects (entities) - buttons, doors, breakables, teleports etc. For this purpose our LAN has a menu allowing to highlight different entities.

Entity are divided into three groups - func_ objects, triggers and others. There are three modes for their highlighting set by fifth menu item:

  • Mode: All
    In this mode you just need to choose class of entities from the first three item and all of them will be highlighted:

  • Mode: Aim and Shoot
    In this mode you can highlight only one entity at a time. To choose the entity you need to look right at it and click attack button (with knife or any weapon) or by using enumeration in the first three items of menu. Enumeration is handy when you don't know where entity is placed. For example, we want to find all func_button on the map. We set 7. Centerline to On (to draw the line to the center of button), open 1. Funcs and start to pressing item named func_button. In so doing all buttons on the map will highlighted one by one, and you can find every one of them by moving along the Centerline. If you need to get info about chosen object, use 4. Print entity info in console or chat command /entinfo (also /fullentinfo for printing all entity properties). If no entities were chosen , chat command shows worldspawn properties.

    In order to avoid accidental highlight of another entity by clicking attack button, you can set 8. Lock to On (at that you still will be able to look through func_button in menu).
  • Mode: Touch. Another mode for highlighting entities one by one, but this time it works by touch. To begin, you will need to choose in the first three items of menu those classes of entities that you want to be highlighted on touch. Items 7. Centerline and 8. Lock work here the same way as from mode Aim and Shoot.

    This mode can be very useful for highlighting of triggers. Point is that you cannot highlight triggers in a regular way (when item 6. Draw Touched Triggers is set to Highlight) if map was compiled with vhlt or some similar soft, cause there is not enough info into the map file (compiler calls it "optimization"). For example let's examine one of the bhop teleports on fu_evening. We set 5. Mode: Touch, find and choose trigger_teleport from the second item, then set item 6. Draw Touched Triggers to Outline + Crossline, i.e. drawing of entities' boundaries and lines connecting the opposite vertices. Now we just need to jump into the teleport of interest, and that is what we see:

    There are so many lines to draw that plugin have to show them in groups (you cannot see it on screenshot, but they appear periodically). Thanks to these lines we can notice that teleport's wall is not high enough, so we can jump over it and skip a few bhop stages.

Note: it's forbidden to highlight entities during the demo recording. To disable all highlights use item 9. Reset.

Measure time between two positions

When you try to find a fastest way to finish the map, you might face the situation of two possible routes between some position. To find out which one is faster you need to call /timing menu:

If you press the first menu item, a green area sized as a standing player's model will be created around you. As soon as the center of your model enters this area, a special timer is started. In a similar way the second menu item creates red area, which stops the timer.

Items 3 and 4 reset current timer or saved areas. Also you can change some settings:
5. Show Coordinates - show center coordinates of areas
6. Show Difference - show difference with best time in the title of menu
7. Show Best Result - show best time in the title of menu
8. Display Timer - show timer


At times you can meet repeating or just annoying sounds on maps. In this case all map sounds can be completely blocked by typing map's name into the file ...\cstrike\addons\amxmodx\data\silent_maps.txt.

According to our rules during the demo recording it's forbidden to block sounds important for perception such as steps, shots, stabs and damage sounds. But if you still want to block some standard sound, you can use a little trick. Let's say we don't like the sound ...\valve\sound\doors\doorstop3.wav which is played when player walks into health booster. Just copy the file ...\valve\sound\common\null.wav, put it near doorstop3.wav, rename doorstop3.wav to doorstop3_original.wav (for backup) and null.wav to doorstop3.wav. That's it! This trick won't affect your demo, so no rules will be broken.