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Posted by Kpoluk 28 Jun 2018 in 18:38
The aim of this article is to provide detailed explanation of every Settings Menu's item. This menu is part of our KZ-Rush LAN server (which can be downloaded here). Note that menus is mostly a handy representation for basic chat commands and convenient way to change server settings without restart.

Table of contents:

First page
Second page
Third page
Fourth page
Fifth page

Settings Menu includes 5 pages. Use 8. Back and 9. More for navigation. To save settings choose 7. Save Settings. If you don't save settings, all performed changes will be lost after restart or map change.

Block CT (default: On)

Are guests allowed to join CT?
On - forbid (kz_blockct 1)
Off - allow (kz_blockct 0)

Round Timer (default: On)

What kind of timer do you want to see when passing a map?
On - start from zero (kz_timer 1)
Off - standard timer (kz_timer 0)

Allow Downloading Of Records List (default: On)

Download records list when LAN server starts? (disabling would be useful for those who have slow server start cause of bad internet connection)
On - enable, records will be updated automatically (kz_loadrecords 1)
Off - disable, you will have to update records list manually (kz_loadrecords 0)

AutoDetect LJ/KZ Demo Mode (default: On)

Should recording mode be automatically switched depending on map type?
On - If kz_mode 0, then it'll stay 0, if it's 1 or 2, server will try to find start and finish buttons, if both found - sets kz_mode 1, if at least one of them is missed - sets kz_mode 2 (kz_automode 1)
Off - Just use value of kz_mode from config, i.e. value that was saved last time (kz_automode 0)

MpBhop (default: Off)

Should bhop blocks be frozen? ()
On - enable (forbidden during demo recording, except for [mpbhop] routes) (kz_mpbhop 1)
Off - disable (kz_mpbhop 0)

Show Main Menu (default: At Start)

What are the cases when Main Menu should be called?
At Start + At Recording - when map starts or recording of KZ demo begins (kz_startmenu 2)
At Start - when map starts (kz_startmenu 1)
Open Manually - open manually (chat commnad /menu or press M button) (kz_startmenu 0)

Useful Chat Messages (default: On)

Which messages should be printed in chat?
On - show all messages (kz_chatmsg 1)
Off - don't show messages related to the start or the end of recording ("Demo recording started", "Demo recording stopped! Congratulations!", "LJ recording stopped"), messages with path where demos are saved (kz_chatmsg 0)

WR/Community Message (default: WR + Community)

If you use kz_currentwrmsg 1 or/and kz_wrdiff 1 (see next two points), then this settings defines which records will be affected.
WR And Community - world record and national community record (kz_wrmsg 3)
Community Only - national community record (kz_wrmsg 2)
WR Only - world record (kz_wrmsg 1)
Off - regardless of kz_currentwrmsg and kz_wrdiff information about records won't be shown (kz_wrmsg 0)

Current WR Message (default: On)

Show current record after passing a map?
On - enable (kz_currentwrmsg 1)
Off - disable (kz_currentwrmsg 0)

Note: When kz_wrmsg 2 world and national records will be shown in one line if map has one route and in different lines in case of multiple routes. If there are more than two routes, record holder won't be shown. Maximum number of routes could be printed in chat is 4. For more routes use /wr and /rush commands.

WR Difference (default: On)

Show the difference between current record and your record in finish message?
On - enable (kz_wrdiff 1)
Off - disable (kz_wrdiff 0)

Demo Attempts (default: Off)

Show the number of recording attempts?
On - enable (kz_attempts 1)
Off - disable (kz_attempts 0)

All Chat (default: On)

Are CT and spectators able to chat with each other?
On - enable (kz_allchat 1)
Off - disable (kz_allchat 0)

AXN Bhop (default: Off)

Which maps AXN should be turned on? (you can learn more about AXN here)
On - force AXN on all maps (kz_axnbhop 1)
Off - force AXN only for maps written down in a special file (kz_axnbhop 0)

AutoHeal On Map (default: On)

Give to all players 10000 HP on maps with HP booster?
On - enable (kz_autoheal 1)
Off - disable (kz_autoheal 0)

Note: also gives godmode on kzru_spacehop (10000 HP is enough to perform one of shortcuts, so one have to take more HP at start; that's why kzru_spacehop became the only exception where godmode is allowed while demo recording)

Show Damage (default: Off)

Show message when HP changes? (for example, after falling)?
On - enable (kz_showdamage 1)
Off - disable (kz_showdamage 0)

Set Start Position by Touching Button (default: Off)

Save start position for every press of start button?
On - enable (kz_setstarttouch 1)
Off - use position that was saved via Main Menu (kz_setstarttouch 0)

Note: position that was saved via Main Menu (or by /setstart command), is written down in file and used at next server launch.

Block Map Sounds (default: Off)

Perform automatic stopsound at map launch?
On - enable (kz_blockmapsound 1)
Off - disable (kz_blockmapsound 0)

Note: you want to fully block map sounds, write map name in ...\cstrike\addons\amxmodx\data\silent_maps.txt

Block Weapon PickUp (default: Pick Up Only Dropped)

Forbid to pick up weapons?
All Weapons - forbid for all weapons (kz_blockweapons 2)
Pick Up Only Dropped - pick up only those weapons that were dropped (kz_blockweapons 1)
Off - pick up any weapons (kz_blockweapons 0)

Allow Checkpoints (default: On)

Allow players to save and load positions (use /cp and /gc)?
On - enable checkpoints and gochecks (kz_checkpoints 1)
Off - disable (kz_checkpoints 0)

Allow Cp in Air (default: Ladder)

Allow to save position in air?
On - allow everywhere (kz_allowaircp 2)
Ladder - allow on ladder, forbid in air (kz_allowaircp 1)
Off - fordib checkpoints on ladder and in air (kz_allowaircp 0)

GoCheck = New Demo in LJ Mode (default: Off)

Should /gc command do the same as /start when LJ Mode (kz_mode 2) is used? (meaning gocheck will start recording new lj demo)
On - enable (kz_gcdemo 1)
Off - disable (kz_gcdemo 0)

Load Saved Angles (default: Start Only)

Along with start position and checkpoints server saves angles. Which of these angles should be loaded when one teleports to start or uses gochecks?
Start + Checkpoint - start angle and checkpoints angles (kz_loadangles 3)
Checkpoint - checkpoints angles only (kz_loadangles 2)
Start - start angle only (kz_loadangles 1)
Off - don't load saved angles (kz_loadangles 0)

Show Checkpoint Message (default: On)

Show message about checkpoint being saved? (/cp)?
On - enable (kz_checkpointmsg 1)
Off - disable (kz_checkpointmsg 0)

Show GoCheck Message (default: On)

Show message about gocheck being loaded? (/gc)?
On - enable (kz_gocheckmsg 1)
Off - disable (kz_gocheckmsg 0)

Enable KZ Top15 (default: On)

Remember 15 best records done on your LAN? (one player can appear in top a few times)
On - enable (kz_top 1)
Off - disable (kz_top 0)

KZ Top15 is only for you (default: On)

Who can get into KZ top15?
On - only player who created server (kz_topalone 1)
Off - all players (kz_topalone 0)

Show Top Place When Finish (default: Off)

If top15 is turned on (kz_top 1) should your top place be shown in HUD after map passing?
On - enable (kz_showplace 1)
Off - disable (kz_showplace 0)

Play Top1 Sound (default: Off)

If top15 is turned on (kz_top 1) sould "ownage" be played when someone reaches first place in pro15 or nub15?
On - enable (kz_finishsound 1)
Off - disable (kz_finishsound 0)