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[CS16] Release #148 - 3 new records + Adding maps

Posted by Kpoluk 5 Oct 2019 in 06:43
Those players spent 200 Points to upload their old demos, recorded before 2016. They did it quite long ago, but since noone else decided to do upload too, I suppose it's time to release them. Also I should warn you, that someday we might have a new rule, requiring to use the very last version of our LAN, and that means no old demos will be accepted. So don't hesitate if you still have some.

Russian Federation dislike

3T_xiaocaibi done in 09:31.48 (09:37.33 Iceland rawe) 1 place 1 Exp

Russian Federation Dolphin

kz_cliffez done in 02:30.24 (01:34.96 Iceland rawe) 4 place 27 Exp

Iceland rawe

sn_nanoblock[easy] done in 04:28.67 1 place 30 Exp
Deleted demos

Also we have another portion of maps to be added, and there is hb_mekko_ez by Russian Federation MAM6A among them. Unlike hb_mekko, which was finished only by four players at the moment, it will be playable for a wide range of jumpers, although you might find some gravity jumps quite tricky.

Extreme map

Hard map

jro_toons - big delay on bhop blocks; transparent edge of hj block at the end is very inconvenient

Average maps

hm_speedwinterz - teleport blocking one sc and creating another; and again bhop-lj blocks at the end of the map (moreover it's harder than the rest part)
hnslt_ice_block - the seconds jump is clearly harder than others
hnslt_through_time - no hp booster on a long map; scaled rock textures in the first room; lava room is too dark; one cannot back from finish to the start by map means only
ih_cbbleblock - big clip brush blocking sc; imbalanced jump
imao_rockclimb - bhop is harder than the rest part of the map
imkz_oldtown - bhop is harder than the rest part of the map
ins_brickblock - no hp booster; one cannot back from finish to the start by map means only
ins_fuji - difficulty imbalance; нone cannot back from finish to the start by map means only
ins_icevalley - no hp booster; clip brush blocking sc
ivansky_friendscrib - no hp booster; imbalanced hj blocks
j2s_colorclimb - one cannot back from finish to the start by map means only; poorly designed - undecorated teleports; doubtful texture pick
jro_climb_blck - no hp booster; it's the first time I see maze with too narrow corridors; the maze itself has no lighting; random texture pick
jro_colorclimb - no hp booster; although it's a color map there has to be some logic in choosing textures; one can stand on the top of one of the slides
jro_crateclimb - no hp booster
jro_goldbhop - 224 hj is imbalanced, giving the map easy-average difficulty
jro_walljump - no hp booster; one cannot back from finish to the start by map means only; texture conflict under the water; undecorated teleport
kg_sneakster - texture conflicts on bhops; difficulty imbalance
khj_abbybhop - texture conflicts on bhops
km_grassclimb - clip brush blocking sc and the ability to back to the start by map means only
km_rockside - inaccurate brush docking led to imbalanced jump, that's why the difficulty is easy-average
knq_evolution - texture conflicts on bhops; the last bhop is definitely harder

Rejected maps

htr_brickblock - no hp booster, a lot of recurring jump - poorly structured for such a short map
hnslt_redcross - here are all possible flaws on bhop: texture conflicts, big delay, wrong teleport angles, one of the teleports moves you avobe another teleport; the map is too dark, climb before finish has no lighting at all
ih_nessbhop - one can climb on the walls to see NULL textures and perform a few shortcuts; there are also clip brushes on the walls, blocking some sc
ij_rockcave - poorly structured for such a short map; some blocks are clipped incorrectly and in fact are floating in the air
hnslt_raven_hops - one can leave the map borders even without hook, actually that's what was done in md route
ins_complex - sudden change of difficulty from average to hard-extreme; one can see NULL textures of the neighbouring levels
ins_mega_maze - just a big maze, such maps have no direct connection with kz
jro_brainroom - searching of triggers with a lot of dead ends, not a kz map as well
jro_chessbhop - a lot of teleports blocking sc; difficulty imbalance; texture style is changing a few times
jro_tron - poorly designed - Throne textures differ only in color, at that without clear logic; a lot of random jumps - bhop-lj at the beginning, drop bhop at the middle, bhop after ladder at the end
jro_simcrate - big delay on bhop blocks; no hp booster; a lot of lj blocks on such a short map; difficulty imbalance - lj blocks from easy to average, moving blocks are easy, room with boxes is from easy to hard
jro_color_maze - another maze; wrong visibility range - even in a small start room the opposite wall disappears
jro_mc_onelife - there are a few modification of deathrun maps in kz, but it'll be hard to find there bhops sections where bhop is imperative and any fault is fatal; here any mistake is teleporting to the start (not killing, sometimes damaging)
kg_duckbhopz_v2 - a lot of NULL textures here and there (even windows are just NULL textures); func_breakable produce texture conflicts; no hp booster
kg_duckhops_flawless - one recurring jump in each room; undecorated teleports to other rooms
kis_zigzagbhop_ez, kis_zigzagbhop_h - one block copy-paste; two bhop-ljs at the end; wrong visibility range
km_counts - poorly structured
kns_Dsea - poorly structured for a short map - one room with bad bhop blocks - speed of boards is too low, delay is too big, boxes have either texture conflicts or big delays
kf_fastclimb - files as_tundra.wad and awp_rooftops.wad added to the archive; poorly structured and designed for a short map - a lot of primitive blocks, the second level is covered with one textore; wrong visibility range