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[CS16] Release #270 - 18 new records + Community map

Posted by Kpoluk 1 May 2023 in 07:24
Important information for mappers. After the release of mojito_vvn1ght_ez and mojito_vvn1ght we encountered the fact that players were kicked from the VIP server with an error

Host_Error: CL_EntityNum: 990 is an invalid number, cl.max_edicts is 990

As it turned out, this is due to the restriction on the maximum number of players and the maximum number of entities on the map. Since the issue of entity limits was also recently raised on our discord channel, let's try to deal with this topic.

Many have heard about the limit on 512 of something when creating maps, but this limit is not on the number of entities, but on the number of models. At the same time, I assume that models imply all solid brushes, as well as entities containing the model property, that is, entity brushes and entities containing *.spr and *.mdl files. It follows from this assumption that combining N solid brushes into an entity brush will reduce the number of models by N-1. In addition, sound files should not affect the number of models. And finally, you should leave a margin for sprites that plugins precache (lan server needs to draw hook, beam and other lines), and limit yourself to 500 models. If the map editor does not provide information about the number of models, I can add this information to the menu of the kz_entities plugin.

Also there is another limit for entities. For example, it's not possible to launch the kz_gigablockier on clean CS, because the game will crash with the ED_Alloc error: No Free Edicts error. In our article it is written that to increase the limit you can add -num_edicts 4096 to the launch parameters. Because of this requirement, the map was not added to the servers, and the mapper released kz_gigablockier_pub with a reduced number of entities. At the same time, mojito_vvn1ght_ez had problems only on the VIP server, and this is due to the reduced number of slots, which is set by the launch parameter +maxplayers. The fact is that the maximum allowed number of entities on the map is 900 + 15 * (maxplayers - 1), while mojito_vvn1ght_ez uses 1109 entities. In this regard, for the map to be playable on servers, we will introduce a requirement for a maximum number of entities of 900.

Let's add a new community map xr_fantasy by inactive. Difficulty is hard-extreme, map consists of two rooms filled with bhops, climbs and slide elements. The mapper took into account all the comments I gave, added a lot of safe teleports with visual design, made the map more friendly for passing without mpbhop, worked on block timings and divided some into two to provide the ability for using dd on them. Enjoy the game!


bkz_scheherezade done in 04:38.47 1 place 30 Exp


ab_upclimb done in 01:17.55 WR! (01:20.78 c0c0n) 1 place 60 Exp
jiu_fat done in 01:27.04 WR! (02:14.41 Player) 1 place 60 Exp
ksz_fastmountain done in 01:30.30 WR! (01:40.08 Dolphin) 1 place 60 Exp
kzro_tits done in 02:00.35 WR! (02:18.42 jabroni) 1 place 60 Exp


ins_ancientbhop done in 00:48.98 WR! (00:49.49 Creep) 1 place 30 Exp


kzlt_castlehops done in 03:57.66 (04:16.02 cstrike) 1 place -10 Exp


!zzl_superjump2! done in 02:43.45 WR! (03:19.46 WhereIsMyPanda) 1 place 50 Exp


kzro_darkfury2 done in 02:33.29 (02:42.99 jabroni) 1 place 30 Exp


cypress_rockclimb done in 03:01.54 (03:34.21 zxcGHOULzxc) 1 place 30 Exp
kzro_quLhopEZ done in 03:10.01 (02:37.87 colcolx) 4 place 27 Exp
ty_zavod done in 01:37.86 (01:51.82 tHEYAMBO) 2 place 29 Exp


hfr_core done in 05:44.93 WR! 1 place 60 Exp
km_fog done in 07:49.05 WR! 1 place 60 Exp
xj_ap_matsuo done in 01:28.00 WR! (01:28.01 Dolphin) 1 place 31 Exp


bhop_seasonbhop done in 01:55.23 WR! (01:57.73 Dolphin) 1 place 60 Exp
kzsk_woodenblock done in 03:18.70 (03:59.38 SAMBI) 1 place 30 Exp


ty_zavod done in 01:17.21 WR! (01:51.82 tHEYAMBO) 1 place 50 Exp
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