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[CS16] Checkpoints release + two community maps

Posted by Kpoluk 27 Dec 2019 in 13:29
The penultimate news of this year is mini-release with checkpoints, which saves one demo from loneliness. Also while mappers finalize their works for our New Year event we are going to check out two new community maps.

Russian Federation topoviygus

gbc_script_x[mpbhop] done in 26:01.18 (684 CP, 634 GC) (38:54.06 Russian Federation inspare) 1 place Watch
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At the beginning of this year Algeria inj3ct0r. uploaded to our special form his work inj_firstmap, and our team as usual gave him comments and suggestions in order to fix and improve his map. However later he admitted that he won't be able to edit it, so this map had pending status for a long time. Fortunately Japan edZika decided to help us and did full restyling (I would say even remapping). And now the result is presented to you as rush_boredom:

Another project is hama_grey by Heard and Mc Donald Islands HaMMa that also gets our tag and becomes rush_grey. Very stylish hard map here, check it yourself: