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[CS16] Checkpoints release + News

Posted by Kpoluk 2 Feb in 18:45

Bulgaria klinch

bhop_ray done in 03:40.23 (54 CP, 35 GC) 1 place Watch
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Russian Federation Zimok

fu_insane done in 12:16.62 (121 CP, 289 GC) (05:25.66 Russian Federation topoviygus) 3 place Watch
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Previous time I forgot to mention that jumpoff in new LJ stats on our servers got a little modification. As before when it's less than 5 it's colored in red, but now if it's minimal the color is green. By the way, minimal jumpoff can be even more than 2. For example, when you do regular jump on lj block with 275 units/s prestrafe, your speed towards block edge is about 250 units/s, hence every frame you pass 2.5 units in the direction of edge. So depending on your trajectory during prestrafe run your minimal jumpoff may be from 0 to 2.5. If you want to check your prestrafe trajectory, just slip off the block wihtout jumping, and you will see minimal possible green jumpoff you might had.

Besides the plugin of measuring distance on servers (chat commands /measure, /distance, /dist) was fully rewritten, although I tried to keep interface look the same (there is a detailed version of menu on sreenshot that was enabled with item 5):

You may already noticed a few differences - besides a main beam there are two squares that corresponds to player's positions for minimal possible jump distance bewteen points. Centers of squares are connected with yellow beam. If you add to its length 32, you will get what's written in Estimated LJ field. On screenshot Distance between points is 249.472 units. but if you try to do it with lj, then it's actually can be done with about 240 units.

Also now we have new method of setting the point (item 4 in menu) - you can set point just by standing on it, at that square's center will be the same as point. Automatic setting of point (item 3 in menu) works for this method as well, but it sets only the second point when you land on the ground. Item 6 Epsilon in menu allows to exclude 0.03125 units that game engine adds between player and map (when you set point in old plugin it's was always included into resulting distance).

And finally one more news - we have new extreme community map made by Armenia all1aNce and Slovakia Qicg - all1_hb_Johnny:

Pay attention to the last jump, it requares a Nannou Jump (technique got its name in honor of Russian Federation Nannou). It allows you to jump higher than 45 units (which is maximum for standard jump). To perform it you need to jump from slope with enough horizontal speed, at that place of jump should be right before slope meets horizontal plane. Check how it looks like in a new video by Kazakhstan mlSaNce: