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KZ-Rush Cup Stage 1: Classic Results + Winter Map Contest

Posted by Kpoluk 6 Nov in 15:52

KZ-Rush Cup

Based on the results of the last cap, the recording of which can be viewed on our channel (day1 and day 2), the tournament donator koala decided to add $50 to all participants from the top eight and $100 to the main streamers MEDVDED_EBUN and Phantometry. Thus, we got 8 prizes:

1st place: rawe +325$
2nd place: dropzone +$200
3rd place: promax +125$
4th - 8th places:
HaMMa +50$
Toff1fee +50$
ShoCk +50$
brokoly +50$
PMSA +50$

We congratulate the winners, thank the streamers and, of course, the donator himself, and immediately begin to prepare for the next cup, registration for which opens in a week. For now, we’ll take a cup scheme similar to the first one, but the difference will be that difficulty will be hard-extreme and extreme, and we’ll allow the use of checkpoints. The mappool is formed by you, our readers, just select from 1 to 10 maps in a new vote:

Vote for maps for the second cup

Winter Map Contest

Since Phantometry refused money for the stream, we are redirecting this $100 to the prize fund of the Winter Map Contest, which starts today and will last until the end of the year. This means that on New Year's Day we will publish the maps of all participants. Please note that the process of mapchecking in our upload lasts one to two months, that is, you need to start creating your masterpiece right now. So, briefly:

How to participate: put your new map with a winter theme design into our map upload and fix every issue found by our mapcheckers
Competition end: December 31 (you must upload the first version in advance)
Current prize pool: $100
- first place 50$, second 30$, third 20$
- winners are determined by voting in January
- winners need to have a crypto wallet