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KZ-Rush Cup Stage 2: Checkpoints

Posted by Kpoluk 18 Nov in 07:26

After yesterday's CS update it crashes at start for many players. To solve the problem just switch to beta (Steam library - right click on CS - Properties - Betas - Choose beta from the list).

All participants who bound their Steam ID to site profile, received private messages on the site with invite link to the cup chat. There we will announce servers IP and other information, so entry is mandatory.

Date and time:
qualifiers - November 18, 17:00 Moscow time (UTC+3)
double elimination - November 19, 17:00 Moscow time (UTC+3)

Stream #1 ( MEDVDED_EBUN in Russian):
Stream #2 ( Phantometry in English):
Stream #3 ( PMSA in Chinese):
Stream #4 ( 5_Nico no comments):

Download cup maps

Participants list of qualifiers
topoviygus - in chat
rawe - in chat
pepi - in chat
V4R10L4V3R4 - in chat
millyrock - in chat
Nesquick - in chat
PMSA - in chat
Dawn - in chat
GGININDER - in chat
dropzone - in chat
xarebava - in chat
Rachel - in chat
outside - in chat
brokoly - in chat

Qualifiers results:
summary rating of 6 maps

Eight leaders (we'll also consider rating for choosing the order for crossing off):

1. topoviygus
3. dropzone
4. outside
5. pepi
6. brokoly
7. V4R10L4V3R4
8. Rachel

Then it goes like this: 1 plays with 5, 2 with 6, 3 with 7, 4 with 8.
The bracket of the second day of the cup is here: BRACKET