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Summer Cup 1 Stage 1 Registration

Posted by lxr 23 Jul in 18:51
Hi all. If you know that we have "Events" block in the right side of our site then you know that in this Sunday (26 July) in 6 PM (18:00) by Moscow Time (UTC+3) we will start first stage of our Summer Cup. This cup will be similar to our Spring cup which was finished in May. By the way time and date in the events block depends on your timezone settings in the profile, so check it if you see incorrect time.

Write + in comments if you will participate in this event

Cup gameplay:

  • Each map is played once.
  • After map change you will see menu where you should confirm that you are ready. As soon as everyone is ready, cup admin initiates start. You don't need to press start button, but you have to press the finish (unless maximum time has expired).
  • There are hidden checkpoints placed all over the map. If maximum map time is over and you haven't reached the finish, server will suppose that you passed the map with maximum time plus some addition, based on number of remaining checkpoints. If more than one player have the same last checkpoint, server will take in consideration the order of reaching it.
  • If you die then you will be teleported somewhere at the middle of your path (number of last checkpoint is divided by two).
  • Passing time will be automatically turned into points just like on main servers (article about points system). Points on maps (and on cups) are summed. At the end of the season players will take prizes.
This time we will have some differences (for example another casters) but we hope that all will be ok. Maps and time limits for the first stage is: Cup server IP, HLTV and links to our streams will be posted later. GL HF!

Registered participants: