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Posted by Kpoluk 20 Aug 2016 in 10:24
Chat commands:

/menu, /main, /startmenu - main menu (also called by pressing M button)
/settings, /setmenu - settings menu
/endmenu, /end - end menu (to manually stop demo recording)
/gostart - go to start position
/spawn, /respawn - go to map respawn
/start, /demo, /kzdemo, /record, /ljdemo - when kz_mode 0 - go to start
when kz_mode 1 - do restart in 0.1 seconds, go to start and begin KZ demo recording
when kz_mode 2 - do gocheck and record new LJ demo
/stop, /stoprecord - when kz_mode 0 - do nothing
when kz_mode 1 - stop KZ demo recording beforehand
when kz_mode 2 - save LJ demo
/timer - show/hide timer
/savestart - save start position
/cp, /checkpoint - save position
/tp, /gc, /gocheck - load position *forbidden in nocp demo*
/stuck - load the position before last
/uptime, /up - show time since server start
/godmode, /god - turn on/off godmode *forbidden in demo*
/noclip, /nc - turn on/off noclip *forbidden in demo*
/ct, /spec - join spectators/ct
/wr - show world record
/ru, /rush - show kz-rush rec
/weapons - get weapons
/invis - invisible players/water
/ljstats - turn off lj stats
/ljsmenu - lj stats menu
/colorchat - turn off color chat messages about jumps of other players
/speclist - hide list of spectators
/speckeys - show keys while spectating somebody
/measure, /distance - measure distance between two points (in units)

+hook - use Hook *forbidden in demo*

It would be more comfortable to bind most used commands to handy buttons (especially for hook). Here are some examples:

bind "x" "+hook"
bind "F4" "say /start"
bind "v" "say /cp"
bind "mouse5" "say /gc"