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LAN server commands

Posted by Kpoluk 20 Aug 2016 in 10:24
This article has descriptions of the most important chat commands of our LAN server (click here to download the server).

Main commands

You can open Main menu by pressing M or by using /menu command. Every item of this menu corresponds to the one of these chat commands (more info about Main menu in the article about demo recording):

/cp, /checkpoint - save position
/tp, /gc, /gocheck - load position *forbidden in demo without checkpoints*
/start, /kzdemo, /record, /ljdemo - depends on cvar kz_mode:
- when kz_mode 0 teleports to the start
- when kz_mode 1 restarts round in 0.1 seconds, teleports to the start and initiates recording of KZ demo
- when kz_mode 2 teleports to the last checkpoint (if you have any) and initiates recording of LJ demo
/savestart, /setstart, /ss - save current position as start
/settings, /options - Settings menu (you can read about it in this article)
/stop, /stoprecord - depends on cvar kz_mode:
- when kz_mode 0 does nothing
- when kz_mode 1 stops recording of KZ demo beforehand
- when kz_mode 2 saves LJ demo
/vip, /vipmenu - menu with special abilities

Position utility

/stuck - load last but one saved
/gostart - teleport to the start position
/spawn, /respawn, /resp - teleport to the default map spawn
/teleport - menu for teleportation to the certain player

Supplementary menus

/invis - menu that allows to make players or water invisible *forbidden in demo*
/measure, /distance, /dist - menu for measuring distance between two points
/timing - menu for measuring time between two positions (timer can be disabled with /timingtimer)
/bot - KZ-Rush Bot menu
/ent - menu for highlighting entities
/finish, /end - force finish menu of demo recording to open

Auxiliary functionality

/ct, /spec - join counter-terrorists or spectators
/weapons, /weap - get weapons
/godmode, /god - turn on/off godmode *forbidden in demo*
/noclip, /nc - turn on/off noclip (you can fly through walls) *forbidden in demo*
/timer - show/hide timer
/speclist - show/hide spectators list
/speckeys - show pressed buttons of the player you are spectating
/showkeys - show your pressed buttons

Map info

/sc - show MOTD with shortcuts
/records - show MOTD with server records
/top, /top10, /top15 - menu with best records
/pro, /pro10, /pro15 - show MOTD with best records without gochecks
/nub, /nub10, /nub15 - show MOTD with best records with gochecks
/wr - show world record (you can also check world record on another map, for example /wr bkz_goldbhop)
/ru, /rush - show KZ-Rush record
/uptime, /up - show time past since server was started
thetime - show current time and date
currentmap, curmap - show the name of current map

LJ statistics

You can find more commands of LJ stats here.

/lj, /ljstats - turn on/off LJ stats
/ljs - Settings menu of LJ stats
/colorchat - turn on/off color chat messages of LJ stats
/speed - show current speed *forbidden in demo*
/ljsound - turn on/off sounds of LJ stats
/showpre, /pre - show prestrafe *player is fined for using it in demo*


You can avoid using Main menu by binding chat commands to your unused buttons (more info about bind here).

Let's say we want to save position by pressing button v and load it by clicking side mouse button mouse5. Just write in console these two lines
bind v "say /cp")
bind mouse5 "say /gc"

Also it's handy to bind the start of demo recording (if you are in recording mode):
bind F4 "say /start"

Besides chat commands there is console command +hook, that gives you a hook (*forbidden in demo*). Example of bind:
bind x +hook